The card picked up is placed on tor and kept squared at the front with the others. You see it as in FIG. 2. It is concealed from the audience by the left hand, and by slightly tilting the front of the deck upwards.

Continue picking up the cards until you are ordered to stop. If you happen to be picking up a card or have one in your hand at this time, ask the spectator if he wants it replaced on the deck or placed on the packet in your hand. Comply with his wish. In any case, the last card placed on the packet is drawn back even with the protruding force card beneath it as though you were preparing to turn it face up -see FIG. 3. The two cards are drawn back about an inch and a half, being held by the right fingers as in FIG. 4. Draw the cards toward you and free of the deck, immediately turning them face up on the deck - the force card showing.

If the nature of the trick requires it, you do not have to turn the card up exposing it to yourself. Just draw the cards from the deck keeping the enis squared between the thumb and first finger with the sides held against the second finger and the back toward you. After showing the card, replace it on the packet and place the deck on top of it.

FORCING ONE CARD SEVERAL TIMES: If you wish you can continue the above procedure and force the same card on several people. At the point where you show the card to a spectator you replace it (really two cards) on the packet again. Do this by placing the cards so they protrude at the rear but continuing the move by sliding the top one even with the front edge. This leaves the force card protruding as in the beginning of the force.

FORCING SEV3RAL CARDS: Simply have the cards to be forced at known positions from the top or have them all together at a position near the top. Proceed in the same maimer as for forcing one card. Each time you come to a force card, draw it to the rear as it is placed on the packet. Each time you are told to stop, draw off the under one of the force cards. Thus each time you apparently turn over the card stopped on.

The features of this method make possible a new degree of fairness and freedom in the presentation of some of the standard effeets. From the spectators point of view, I believe that this method is one of the best extant. The deck resting on the table dispels thoughts of manipulation.

¡Tommy Xozum

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