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•jyrarklng the end of the first subscrlp-J,u-1Ion period thlB copy of The Jinx goes forth with a deep sigh of relief. May I suggest that those who had faith at the start and who may have an Inkling of what is to come renew their subscriptions with whomsoever they were placed in the beginning and sit tight. I won.'t promise anything other than that they will receive contracted for regardless of contents.

J> ather late comes the suggestion that it has been found practloal to put ooples of The Jinx in the loose leaf notebooks that can be purchased at any *ool worth store. He don't make a business of selling these as special binders at an advanced prloe plus postage so kindly take the suggestion for what It is worth. This Is, of course, meant for those who think the sheet worth saving.

jinx readers have commented upon the fact that the sheet contains no advertising either for myself or Myone else. Several dealers nave written regarding iiu but so far I have turned the other ear. It's good tricks I'm selling, not ads, and I'll stand or fall by them alone. If I oan't put out and sell an issue that is worth a quarter to any performer I'll put things away and hold my peace.

Letters galore tell me the sheet is liked. Frank N. Dodd of Babylon* New ¡Cork sends praise and praise eoupled with the valuable suggestion that in regards te the effect 'Cigarette Perception' as of Jinx and by Martin Sunshine, he would suggest the use of ladies rather than gentlemen because of the greater difference in footwear. Look it up again and admit that Mr. flodd had a happy thought.

Before I pass to subjects other than myself and my child I must fall all over to include this excerpt from a letter at hand — 'If during the current year I get nothing further from The Jinx, I shall have received my money's worth from 'A Real Psychic Card Test U3) The thing that makes me so damn mad is that every angle was known to me but why In hell didn t I think of their application..' (signed) Bob Herman.

News of the month includes the fact that the best known land liked, too) family act in magio to-day has received an Internal wound. Peggy Owvnne is being married as this Is written (February 6) to Frank Cole of Providence, R.I. and my wire of congratulations was to him in particular because he's taking unto himself a swell little trouper. Jack, Anne and Buddy will keep on with the act of aots but it won't be the same with a new face. I can remember wnen Peggy was learning her Frenoh lessons on the road and Buddy was continually upset because his examination papers Just couldn't seem to catch up with him. There used to be so many forwarding addresses on tne mall when it did come that it looked like the examination papers of a Railway Postal Clerk. Jack is giving Peggy a Doll House Illusion for a wedding present. He wants her to have some place to go and hide when she and Frank has one of those Inevitable scraps. I wish thea all kinds of happiness and only hope she realizes how the family will miss her.

£Lood laughs are scarce at times but the ^ past month was productive of one in par« ticular. Stage Magio Number Two made its' appearance and contained an intriguelng advertisement of Burling Hull's Nudist Coin Vanish. Reproduoed clippings authenticate Mr. Hull's appearance and performances at various nudist oolonles during the past summer. We are told of his performing this no doubt clever vanish of a coin both In tuxedo and later at a private performance In the men's quarters. Lastly we read that said trick can be obtained with photographs posed by Mr. Hull himself performing tne triok in two different forms! We haven't had the goed fortune to see this trick in either form but suoh ill ustrated instructions should b» cheap at any prloe.

any prloe.

professionals who should know always say that booking agents have no sense of humor. The following from the column of Leonard Lyons In the New York Post of January 15th seems to show an exception If there be such a rule. ----- Taps, the booking agent, tried to interest Harry Akst into signing the Great Dunninger for the new Casino de Paree show. "Psychics are the rage now," Tajps insisted, "and you can get him for #1500 a week. Akst frowned at the price. "But you'll have three shows a day," the agent explained, "and after all it'll be tough to get the spirits to work with hla that often." Akst had a ready solution. "Never mind Dunninger. For that dough — see if you can sign the spiritsI"

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