MAGIC -- Age cannot wither, nor custom stale her infinite variety. — liilliam Shakespeare

This effect is of the type outlined in Jiruc

No. 21, under the title "Triple Coercion." Comment was made in the description of that version, that since anyone could remember, without much trouble, the numbers or colours named by the audience, it was unnecessary to make a note of them, and, consequently, such note taking might arouse suspicion.

Recognizing this difficulty, and unwilling to abandon such a valuable device as the note taking pretext undoubtedly is, I adopted, some time ag> , an absurdly simple means of overcoming the obstacle. Instead of asking the spectator to name a color or number below one hundred, I asked that he read the 3eri*al number of one of the bills in his pocket, or for a list of ten letters, spoken at random. Obviously, these had to be written down. Here is my routine.

The effect is begun with a few casual remarks about echoes. The audience is surprised and somewhat skeptical when informed than an echo exists not only after a sound has been made, but also before. To substantiate this claim, the performer offers to make a note of a few of the echoes that are now floating around the room, waiting for a sound to give them life. He takes from hia pocket a calling card, and haa someone initial the printed side of it for later identification. On the blank side of this he then begins to write,

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