Extrasensory Perception


One of the greatest effects in thought transmission is the coding of pictures freely drawn by the audience. It goes without saying that it is at the same time the most intricate of methods. Julius Zancig was most adept at this feat and developed it over a period of years through undisputed ability plus a thorough grounding in transmission secrets.

What I am presenting here is quite marvelous to an audience and at the same time satisfying to the most exact performer in regards to cleanliness of working.

One needs only a set of 32 five-inch square cards and a large slate with chalk. These cards are best made of white drawing board. This can be obtained from stationery stores in sheets about 22 by 28 inches in size. On one side of each card is drawn a simple sketch with black drawing ink. The sketches are made very heavy and as large as possible. On the illustrated slate I have drawn the ideas I am using myself, although any others can be put to use.

Effect: The set of illustrated cards is freely shown to consist of 32 different and simple ideas. The performer says that he will try a test of thought transference with members of the audience. Pictures will be used rather than letters or figures because they arc better

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