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Book tests come and go about the same way as do Pour Ace Tricks, for it seems as though one is on the search continually for improvement. Of course, favorite methods vary according to the individual. I've seen some'people who would swear by a method that to me seemed cumbersome, drawn out, and obviously a fake because of the round about way of getting to the word. However, one advantage of using, or at the least, knowing, several methods for a test lhakes it possible for one to repeat it at some later time without fear of anyone following the old method of procedure.

In this particular method, I've tried to get away from the adding of cards, etc., all of which tend to make the feat appear mathematical. And more often than not, people don't understand just what you want and do just the opoosite, being ashamed to 3ay out loud that they don't know what you mean.

Another good psychological point is that the selections anpear fair because you have them seleot more cards to eliminate any pictures. And lastly, the fact that they never tell you ANYTHING impresses a lot.

Use an ordinary book novel and deck of carda stacked in the Si Stebbins order of A-4-7-10-K-3-6-9-Q-2-5-8-J-A-4-7 etc., with suits rotating. Now don't stop here, because of the above, but finish to see of what use these objects are made.

Start by giving the deck a false shuffle or several straight cuts. Put deck on table with book and walk away. While your back is turned you direct spectator. Tell him to give the decik a complete cut. Then say, "Better give it another. Continue, "Now hold the deck in your hand and deal three cards in a face up row from left to right from top of dock. These cards are going to indicate a pa;j;e and word in the book. By the way, are there any picture cards among the three?"

If the spectator says,"Yes," you say, "They're too confusing. Push those three cards away and deal three more the same way. Are there any picture cards there now?" Suppose he says, "No."

You go on, "Look at the first two cards. If they are a 6 and 7, open the book to page 67. If they are a 5 and 2, open the book to page 52."

"You have it? Now look at that last or third card. I want you to start at the top of the page you have and count across on the top line to the word at that number. If it is a 3, oount to the third word. If an 8, count to.the eighth word."

"Now turn the cards on table face down so I can't see them, and keep your finger right on the word you have located." At this point you turn around, and proceed to reveal the word.

This effect can be gotten only through the use of a Si Stebbins' stack, and no other. THERE ARE ONLY POUR POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS OP THREE CARDS WITHOUT PICTURES. A-4-7, 4-7-10, 2-5-8, 3-6-9. Therefore you previously have looked ip and memorised four words, the 7th word on page 14, the 10th word on page 47, the 8th on page 25, and the 9th on page 36. Two of these page numbers are even and two are odd. When you turn around and note spectator holding book with his finger on a word, you know it is an odd or evem page because ALL EVEN NUMBERED PAGES OP ALL BOOKS ARE ON THE LEFT AND ALL ODD NUMBERED PAGES OP ALL BOOKS ARE ON THE RIGHT WHEN BOOK IS OPENED BEFORE YOU. Therefore you are immediately down to two words. Start by giving the first letter of one of the two words. If right, continue. If wrong, say, "Well, the last letter is —." And you name the last letter of the OTHER word, and spell out the word backward. Whenever a spectator deals three times on table and has a picture card each, the fourth or next deal of three will AliVAYS BE A-4-7. In such a case you don't even have to turn around, but can name the word immediately. If you get used to a book you can also judge which of the two words it is as the odd numbers are 22 pages anart and the evens 22 nages apart too.

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