Elliott Humor

One doesn't have to say strange words in order to annoy an enemy, or friend. At the local drug store a 10 cent portion of potassium nitrate is the most important requisite, that is, next to the desire for downright mischievousness.

Put it in a bottle and add some water for a nice and powerful solution. Then take a camel's hair brush and a cigarette. Dip the brush into the concoction. Starting one-half inch from one end of the cigarette, stripe the "coffin nail" around and around in a continuous spiral fashion until you reach within one-half inch of the opposite end. Don't make too many turns. About three is right. Let the cigarette dry, and keep it on hand for the next request.

The result? Nothing for the first few puffs. Then, when the spark touches the beginning of the painted spiral line, a much faster spark begins to travel the prepared route with the paper coming apart in a curved strip and the tobacco falling at random with freedom. It is all very disconcerting to the man with the cigarette in his mouth.

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