Elliott At The

Without being coy we begin by reminding that what is to follow can be a masterpiece 0f mystery at home as well as in the local bar or nearby pub.

Upon a glass of beer is gener---ally (and it had better be.') what is termed a "collar" of creamy foam. When and as two or more (including yourself) are partaking of malt's kindliness, the interloper, or performer, manages to find a deck of cards and has one chosen, returned, and shuffled amongst the others.

He starts to place the pack in one and another spot, finally saying, "Here. We'll cover the glass. The spirits within will work on your card, sir." The deck is placed across the top of the performer's glass. He makes passes and gestures toward the combination.

"Name your card, sir." He asks the selector. "It should be drawn to the face of the pack by the power of the devils beneath." The pack is picked up but the named card is not Where, supposedly, it should be.

"Strange," says the wizard, "the brew is potent." Then he strikes like a serpent sorceror, "Look.' Cb the beer J" And when the people gather round,they see, plainly written across the delicate surface of thé white foam, the name of the card chosen by the man who, because of the master's evident discomfiture at first failure, has begun to laugh. The motto? "He who waits to latitgh last will find no foam on his beer."

The secret? A fountain pen, a deck of cards, and, a glass of "heady" beer. At an opportune moment, with due privacy on your part, or utter unconcern on the part of those near you. write the name of the card on the beer's foami We are not fooling. Very lightly touch the pen point to the foam. The ink will "take hold" and, still very lightly, you can actually print or write across its surface. And, for those ultra technicians, one may conservatively sip a drink or two from such a prepared glass without disturbing the almost efervescent penmanship.

Followers of this journal will be at no loss for a method of "forcing" the proper card. Often we have had several selected, forcing only the last, and, after finding the others by devious methods, failed at the final one, only to have the jeering devils in the stein help us out in the manner heretofore described. The effect has proven itself quite a talk-maker when off-handedly (?) done at the right time 4 place.

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