One of the cleanest, and most novel forces which I have seen is with the use of one of the novelty cigarette boxes of Japanese make and on sale at many five and ten cent stores, as well as novelty shops. Prom the sketch it can be seen (end view) how the box operates. The outside container lias a center upright the length of a cigarette, and curved in at the top to allow of a cigarette laying there. Into this is pxit a sort of inverted container with a. slot in the top to match the center upright. As can be seen, this part of the device has slanted pieces, upon which the cigarettes are loaded. By lifting the inside part up, until these pieces reach the top, a cigarette rolls onto the upright from one side or the other (it oan only hold one), and dropping the pulled up portion back causes the cigarette to appear on top of the box.

With one of these boxes before you, loosen the cigarette platform on one of the sides and move it about half an inch higher. That is the secret. You will easily see just how high you can lift the inside before a cigarette will roll onto the upright, BUT A CIGARETTE FROM THIS MOVED UP SIDE JILL HaVE TO ROLL OH FIRST.

This i,lakes possible an excellent color force using wooden cylinders of various colors and made cigarette size. There is an opening on the top of these boxes to allow of being loaded. If the colored cylinders are dropped in, but the one of the correct color goes on the hi;$ier side, it is the one that will come out first. If you want to force two or three colors in

succession, just drop them on the higher side in the correct order for their appearance.

The box as shown by an end view, has had the piece moved up on the one side. I have made it loosely and a little out of proportion to give the idea. There are many variations for the use of such a device, anci if any reader wants to send in combinations, I'll be glad to use them.

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