juring the past three years I have "often ussd the following as a publicity effect .from newspaper office®, and many times as an impromptu stunt from homes after a performance. As will be seen, the working is far from difficult or out of the ordinary run of such tests, but the effect on the watchers and listeners is very striking. There is something about mental stunts on a telephone that makes tali and creates interest. The business of naming cards over a phone has been tossed around so much that it isn't of much value anymore, so my thoughts along these lines have been to make them one man tests, but still use the telephone. If any of my readers show any interest, I'll write up a test for a forthcoming issue in Which any word in the English language can be sent, rather than a card, which is too common now.

Getting back to the present situation, the perfoimer is near a phone and says he will try a rather interesting feat. Someone, or the host, is asked to think of someone whom they call up quite often, and who could be reached by phone at that moment. They are given a slip of paper upon which they write the name, and the slip is folded several times. It is put, still folded, under the phone. The performer asks for the telephone number and proceeds to call it. Unon the call being answered, the performer FOR THE

PERSON THOUGHT OP! Reaching that person, he says that he is at the home or office of so-and-so, is conducting a test of mental powers, and that Mr. so-and-so was thinking of him (the man at the other end) so you (the performer) have called him up. You hope he hasn't been bothered and thank him for his cooperation (?). Hanging up, you take the paper from under phone, and return it to the writer. Ei^it times out of ten, the person called will call back to find out what it is all about, and naturally learns about you being a great man, which is an ad in itself.

My method for this is a mere switch. In my left coat pocket I have a. pad of paper about 2-┬┐ x 3-ij. (Small >'oolworth scratch pads. ) These slips are best folded the long way and then twice the other. Have one loose slip on top of pad which has been unfolded, so they will use the same folds. Also have a folded dumiry there so you can pick it up.

Generally, I try to nick a person sitting down a little ways from the phone as the subject, but this doesn't really matter. Take out the pad. and separate slip. Give it to them with a pencil and put the pad back, picking up the duruiy billet, They write the name and fold. You take the pencil back with right hand, and your left (\:ith slip second finger palmed) takes their folded paper, moving to the telephone, the written on slip Is pulled bade by thumb and the dutrciy pushed forward to be dropped under the phone. Your left hand goes airectly to the pocket as you ask person for the telephone number. I always ask first if he Knows the number, and then ask for it. This gives a few seconds longer stall, and the left hand has opened the slip against the pad.

Taking pad out, X pull off the top sheet from under the open slip, but this action gives me a glimpse of the name. The pad and open slip are replaced in pocket and on the blank sheet I write the telephone number, llow I sit down with the number before i.ie and make the call. There is a lot of time now to arop hand to pocket and refold the slip, finger palming it again. Then, at the finish, your right hand moves phone, left picks up the slip, and it is returned to owner, the switch back being made on the way.

You'll find a finger switch much more practical than anything using a gimick. h. few hours practice ana you have it, it being useful in many ways. Although this may sound simple, it is a fine effect on those watching because it is different ana unusual.

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