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Inls la a clean and simple metnod for an effective living and dead test. At tne finish all material used may be left bealnd as there is notnlng wrong to find.

Use five or six blank cards and a drug envelope, i'our people write the names of living persons and the fifth writes tne name of someone dead. The performer has them collected by someone and mixed. Taking tnen wltn tne writing sides down, performer also mixes them a little more and puts tne entire packet into the envelope. Holding envelope to nls nead the performer slowly and correctly Rn/iALS Trii l>cJu> NA«ul! Opening the envelope tne cards are removed and spread out with writing still downward, waving nls hand over them the performer finlsnes by correctly plc*ln^ out tne dead name card and nandlng it to tne writer.

X consider this a very practical method for a^y close up opportunity especially press work.

The drug envelope used is faked In a far from new manner. On the face side a half inch from flap end a slit le made large enough across to easily accomodate one of tne olank cards used. The five or six cards use are ordinary except for one which has a nail nick in tne upper left and lower right corners. If one takes such a card, nolds it between tae thumb and first finger with thumb on top, and presses hard with thumb nail, a nick is made that becomes an easily felt bump on the other side.

I put these cards witn tne nicked one on top Into the envelope and carry it in my vest pocaet ready for immediate use.

l'ake out envelope being careful not to expose the slit on face side and remove tne cards. Leave envelope laying on tne table face side down. Aon snow the cards and ask someone to think of tne dead person, hand them the top card for writing and hand tne rest out for the writlr^s of living names.

Now have tnem collected bj someone else and mixed with the writing sides down. Take them and mix them a little more and in doing so tne nicked card is brought to the bottom of tne pile or tne face side, iion't try to shuffle tnera llice playing cards or do anything fancy. Just mix t.ie.m carelessly wltn your two hands while tney are hald flatwise with floor.

.rick up envelope wltn left hand, flap open and with rlgnt Insert tne packet. The right fingers are underneath and as you start this tne bottom card is pushed a little anead of the otners and going into the envelope goes through tne slit. The rest of the cards on top are slightly tilted down at end being held and go on into the envelope proper. Try tnls several times with the material In harai and it will be found an easy move. Now lift envelope up and moisten the flap with right forefinger and seal tne flap down while this side is towards audience.

At this time because you are making it apparent tnat you are sealing flap down, the baok or face of envelope is towards you and tne dead name card is looking right towards you.

If perhaps the name is upside down It doesn't matter because you have still to orlng envelope to forehead and it is turned around in nands while you ask the particular person to think Intently of the name, ¿lowly reveal tne name of the person who has passed away.

riol i the envelope In left narxl with flap side to audience and at tne rlgnt end. nlth a 3-nall pair of 3Cls-ors cut t.ie end away. However, tne left tnumb has drawn tne exposed card back about an Inch to clear the slit, and t.ie envelope la cut at tnls point which destroys all evldenoe of trickery in tne envelope.

Keach in opened end wltn tne right first and second fingers wnlcn grasp tne cards inside. The right tnumb goes a^ala.jt card on back and wltn one move the tne cards are removed and the card from back along with tnem.

Toss envelope a3lde or to jpectatoro anil holding tne cards wltn writing downward mix tnem a little and spread on table. Waving hand over tnem finally pick up the correct card and return It to tne writer.

For cleaness I thlnx tnls a welcome routine. At any rate try it out a few times.

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