Effects In Order Of Appearance

The Ball In The Glass: The red rubber ball is in diameter and made of sponge rubber. At the start of this routine there is a skull sitting upon the top of the cabinet. A thread, about 2' long is fastened to the skull and It runs down through the minute hole in the cabinet lid. The other end has been"threaded through the ball. The ball has been placed into the glass and when the routine begins the glass and ball are sitting in the center.

After the patter about poltergeists and the building of the cabinet the glass is picked up and the ball rolled from the glass into the far corner of the box. The glass is placed at the other end (directly under the minute hole in the lid) and the curtain closed.


At this time the performer seems to remember the presence of the skull, on top. He picks it up, relating the fact that it vĂ­as found beneath the poltergeist occupied house. In stepping a bit forward while this is related, the performer causes the thread to be pulled, the ball insiae cabinet to be raised as far as the lid permits, and the thread to be pulled through and out of the ball. The result? THE BALL FALLS DIRECTLY DOWNWARD INTO THE GLASS. The skull is set aside and the performer invites a member of the audience to investigate the cabinet. '.Ve know what he finds and we know that he can examine everything to no avail.

The Knotted Handkerchief: The familiar one-hand knot is made, for this effect, when the handkerchief is thrown into the cabinet throurh the opened lid. Psychology here plays an important part for the audience is wondering about the ball's passage to the glass, while the spectator assisting worries both about that puzzle plus his probably unexpected appearance before an audience and therefore a wee bit, if not more, of stage fright enters into the situation. The sleight, simple as it is, doesn't warrant inclusion here for it has been depicted for many years in magical books, even as lately and modernly described by Hugara.

The Ring On The Tape: After the more or less incidental handkerchief bit, but which has impressed subsconsciously that strange powers are at work within the cabinet's confines, we come to the one effect of which I am rather proud and to which I claim originality outside of the routine itself. The tape is J" wide and, if your box is of the same dimensions as mine, 40" long. After the tape is threaded through the box, the borrowed ring upon the hook, and the cabinet turned curtain-side away from the audience, the performer invokes the invisible prankster by rubbing his hands, as he says, inside the confines of the wooden walls. This patter, or palaver, allows of a few quick and very practical as well as unique moves.

1. Remove safety-pin and lay it on the bottom of the box. 2. Take ring off screw-hook.

3. Loop center of tape and tuck through ring.

4. Place pin through left side of loop thus formed and the half of the tape that runs out through the left (to performer) hole of the box. 5. Enlarge loop and place it over the screw-hook. (The illustration on this page depicts the result of these manipulations. To those readers who look at such illustrations and shudder (not in this sheetl Ed.) I suggest you try it but once and check the simplicity.

If the left end (to performer) of the tape is now pulled from the box, the RING IS AUTOMATICALLY THREADED UPON THE TAPE AND FOUND IN THE SAFETY-PIN CENTER.

The Smoked Cigar; The cigar I use is of wood and was sold as a novelty pencil. I have hollowed out one end and inserted a piece of felt. This felt has been soaked previously in very strong liquid ammonia. Before the performance the glass tumbler (the one used for the opening ball effect) has had put into"it six or eight drops of muriatic acid which was then swished around. The cigar, rev/rapped inside a cellophane wrapper is placed into the glass, open end downward, and into the cabinet. Smoke begins the ascent from the glass in clouds. (Why not beat the gun ((or smoke)) and toss in a box of matches in case the spirit hasn't any at the moment? Ed.)

Drinking The Milk: The reader should have rec-(Sorry, look back at page 472)

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