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ever to ask what to do for that particular engagement. I wish I'd started that years ago. It's something that really is useful. Do you, you and you, with a housefull of magic, ever say, a day before the big show, "What shall I do?" (Just because you're getting a lot of letters, don't be too cocksure of yourselfI Ed.)

Kail box: Nov/ that you have corralled all the bright minds in magic, how about giving them something to exercise said bright minds? I have always been intrigued with a trick of Robert-Houdin's that he described in his autobiography. rerson v/rites message on a paper, this burned and immediately he is handed a sealed envelope, in this another, in that another, in that another, and so on for half a dozen. In the innermost is the paper uninjured. I have never been able to work out a satisfactory way to get that effect, perhaps someone else may get a happy solution.—Jean Hugard. Well, how about it?

Philadelphia magi had an exceptional day on August 27th. Max Holden opened his second branch store and handed out complimentary tricks to all comers (I got a color changing hank, no lessl). Harry Otto will be in charge. He'3 an old timer and knows magic from p to v. (production to vanish). The boys went back and forth continuously between there and Kanter's, looking always for "something new." The Quaker town should easily support two magic shops. Johnny Taylor told me there are over 35 magi listed with the local agents, not counting all of the Philly and nearby amateurs. Both shops have a goodly supply of "exclusives", but wherever you buy your magic, please try to do it a little bit better than the directions read.

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Puzzle dept. — Two teasers. The first requires the actual names of cards A,B and C. The second requires the identity of the poker hand to beat the four shov/n. Deadline? Your postcard postmarked before midnight September 20th. For what? All complete and correct answers get a copy of the Summer 1938 Extra. You already have it? Mention it on card and you'll be marked up for the Winter 1938-1939 Extra. The solutions? Next Jinx. Reason for all this? I had to complete this column some way so I could p;et away for the Piff-Paff-Poof convention at Fort Erie I

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