(continued from page 342) fit consists of a super-sensitive transmitter and receiver, no aerial and no wire connections being needed. One merely plugs the transmitter Into a socket in one room, and the receiver is plugged in In any other room of the house. With the transmitter concealed in the room where the tests are being made, and the receiver in a distant spot on the same circuit, wonders can be made to unfold. It is advertised to transmit the slightest sound from the nursery or sick room, so why can't It be put to the practical use of sending a card, name, number, picture or what have you? Retail cost is only 829.95

Mail box: Oscar Paulson writes from England; "That Sacred Script idea in Jinx No. 45 is excellent. Was ideal at recent Church Show here. I have the Parson the tip beforehand, and he was able to read out the verse as if from memory and greatly impressed his flock."---Prom

Stewart James: "There has been a lot of talk about Newmann's library, but did you remember he listed what it contained in the Linking Ring, Vol 6, No. 5? --- Prom —(censored for betterment of future marital relationships): "Clayton Rawson had a delightful plot In presenting his page 302 July Linking Ring effect. I enJoyed reading it even if it did require "sending your wife out of the room." I'm not married, but if I were I certainly would send my wife out of the room." —

Chester Morris making personal appearances in N.Y. between pictures. An S.A.M. group were present in blocked off seats on October 7 to welcome one of maglo's best ambassadors. -— KEN for October 6th front covered an article, "I Am A Psychlo." What fellow Is now burning to high heaven because the editor left his name out of the credits (the check came through all right though) and ran the pieoe anonymously to give more authenticity?

Stewart James gave a sweet reply to my request about "what 1s a rehash?" when It come to writing tricks « "A trick is NOT a "rehash" if its entertainment value is improved, the method of working simplified, or the mystery deepened."

Effect: (1) The magus has any person select a card from a shuffled red deck, and another select any card from a freely shuffled blue deck. When selected cards are named It le found that both persons have selected the same cards.

(2) The red deck Is shuffled by the spectator and placed In the magician's Inside coat pocket. The other spectator shuffles his blue deck and places it in his own inside coat pocket. This person then reaches in the magician's pocket and removes any card. The magus also removes one card from the deck In spectator's pocket. Once again the selected oards are alike.

(3) The decks are again shuffled by the spectators and a deck placed in each one of the magician's side coat pockets. The magus reaches in each pocket at the same time and removes a card from each deck. These two oards are once more the same.

(4) The decks are again shuffled and each of the spectators places a deck in his own side coat pocket. The magician reaches into their pockets, removing a card from each deck, and still the two cards are alike.

(5) For the climax the spectators reach into each other's coat pocket and remove a card. And to the amazement of all, the two freely selected oards are the same.

Operations The following cards and decks are arranged. Once made up they may be used over and over, for the effect will be an outstanding one on any program.

1 - Red deck consisting of all EIGHTS OF SPADES

with a JACK OF SPADES on top.

2 - Blue deck consisting of all ACES OF SPADES

with a JACK OP SPADES on top, plus the following three prepared oards at any poaltlon in the deck where you may care to plaoe them. FOUR OF DIAMONDS (short card). EIGHT OF SPADES (long card). ACE OF DIAMONDS (wida card).


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