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Editor's note: Some might say this rightly belongs on the periodical Jinx Improvement page. However, Arthur Monroe's Voodoo, in Jinx No. 32, caused so much comment and has been written about so often, that I think this Clever version of the unusual theme will make possible an effect which many couldn't use before.)

When the effect Voodoo first appeared in the Jinx I went wild over it. But I Just couldn't see spending $10.00 on it.(I know of four persons who did. Ed.) Therefore I evolved another method and explained it in the December 1937 TOPS. I was bawled out from several quarters for this. Then in the April 1938 DRAGON, Oscar Weigle, Jr. explained another method, and there are other ideas not yet in print. It is still a great little effect for the occasional performer at house parties, etc.

The whole idea of the effect seems to be that the performer does something to a hidden article to prove he really holds it in his hands during a ghostly interlude before his audience. In other words by some sort of witchcraft or demonology J the wizard finds the hidden object-without leaving the room. Or his astral body travels to the point and locates it. And to prove that such is true a mark is plaoed upon the object. Therefore, why not do something simple?

To start the performer announces an experiment passed on from voodoo doctors of interior Indian tribes of South America, a bit of ceremony used to impress the ignorant souls that the incantating and muchly overdressed native is really possessed of powers beyond but few mortals.

A card is selected. An envelope is shown and also a length of ribbon an inch wide and four feet long. With a knife a hole is made thru the envelope and the ribbon pushed thru so that it runs freely back and forth in the envelope. The card is shown again and a corner torn from it. The corneris given a person to hold. The card is pushed into envelope and sealed. The entire affair is handed someone with the request that he wrap the ribbon around the envelope and carry it to a distant part of the house and hide it. By the way, this would make a good oock-tail party stunt - one of those affairs where games are played and a fellow and girl are sent off together to perform some stunt. (Ye-ah? We tried a similar stunt one time. After a complete disappearance, the couple wired us next morning saying they didn't care for the show and couldn't have found a better way to leaveI Ed)

After the person has returned from hiding the envelope, and everyone has had another drink to brace them for what is to follow ---

the lights go out. A green glow appears before the performer and suddenly the envelope appears In his hands. The flap slowly raises as the magician waves his hand over It. Ths'-eard Is removed, also the ribbon. The knife Is picked up, a slit is made thru the oard, the ribbon Is threaded thru this slit, the ends of the ribbon passed through the holes In envelope, and the card drawn down, sliding in front view. The ribbon is again wrapped around envelope, the green glow goes out, the house lights go on, and there stands the wizard, his hands empty.

The party who hid the envelope goes in searoh for It and returns. It is opened. The oard comes forth, now threaded upon the ribbon, and as a last check up, the corner matches perfectly. Truly a ghostly interlude.

To tried and true magi, the method should require but little explanation. It is the old Chinese Laundry Ticket dressed up with a sheet a green light. In fact this Is a logioal presentation for that trick for it has always deceived mel I never could understand how the hole got into the oard. This presentation takes care of that fallacy. In the prosaio method you push a hole through an envelope, thread the ribbon thru, and put the card in. Yet at the finish the card is threaded on the ribbon, and the card has a hole In it which matches the hole in the envelope! It's rather a dead give away to many.

In this we use the familiar double envelope. A corner from the oard in the rear part Is in the vest pocket. You require another ordinary envelope with a ribbon running through it and a duplicate of the oard inside. DON'T FORGET TO TEAR A CORNER FROM THIS CARD. Throw this corner away. This envelope Is in one of your pockets and covered with a black silk. When the green light (caused by a small flashlight in a bowl somewhat like the regular lota bowl) Is turned on stand back a bit from it. Bring out the envelope and hold In hand. If you stand in the right position it can't be seen until you Jerk away the blaok silk. Hold the envelope tilted slightly toward you and as you make passes with the right hand push up the flap with the left thumb. Follow the routlna as outlined above. It is well to seal the envelope which is hidden. This prevents anyone from having nose trouble.

The oard is forced and I strongly reoommend a forcing deok. The presentation should be direct. (Every one of the 1000 Hilllard books, "Greater Magic",Just off the press, turned over twice when those last two sentences went into type. Ed.) This may be the only card trick you do so why fool around for forty years to learn the force? Use an off color ribbon for this and no one will recognize it as the Chinese Laundry Ticket dressed up with trappings from the banks of the Amazon. The corner In your vest pocket Is exchanged for the corner torn from selected oard. Everything should now bo clear. And If you really put your heart and soul into the presentation you'll go home and dream that you are actually the magus of Matto Grosso.

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