mbodied in this effect will be found a demonstration of both Imagic and mlndreading, a triple mystery and a novel presentation. The performer tells the following atory: There once was an old man, a friendless recluse known to his neighbors only as Mr.X. (Small white card, Fig.l, is shown and placed in drug envelope representing Mr, X's home) One day Mr. X applied for police protection, stating that he feared for his life.A guard was assigned to his home. (Envelope is folded and stood tentwise (A) before a spectator who acts as guard) Although It was thought that Mr. X had no close friends, there was one man in whom he confided, giving him the name of an enemy, In case he, Mr. X# were to meet with unex-plainable accident. The friend wrote it down so as not to forget it. (A second spectator is given white card - Pig.2 - on which he is told to write the first name of someone present on the line provided, allowing no one to see it. The name card is sealed In another envelope, folded, and stood tentwise before Mr. X's friend) One day the old man failed to appear and the guard foroed an entrance to find Mr. X dead, stabbed through the heart. (Pseudo-guard opens envelope and finds card as shown in Fig 5) Mews of the murder came (continued on page

Page 291

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