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masterpiece. At first reading it will appear ridiculously simple, but actual test will prove that the boldness,and assurance needed at the start is not in vain. And, unlike so many card tricks, it can be presented before a good sized audience.One,after purchasing it from Mr. Walsh, made it a program item and is still using it to a good return.

The magician hands the deck to a member of the audience asking him to shuffle it as he pleases. He then is told to either cut the deck somewhere and look at a card; to pull one out, note it, and push back at another spot; or merely to fan the cards in front of himself and THINK of just one of those be fore him. This range of selections gives the PEAT a psychologically fair start. Upon doing this the spectator is told to thoroughly mix the cards again, whereupon the performer takes the deck.

The spectator is asked separately to think of the color, then suit, and last« ly the value of his noted card.Between each question the performer looks at the cards, mixes them around, and appears to be searching for actual thoughts from spectator. Then, putting deck out of sight, the magician asks that the name of card be revealed for the first time. And almost instantly that very one is successfully found.

When presented before large groups, this feat becomes quite spectacular when spectator is asked to go to a far corner of roam or theatre, turning his back

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