Dr Egervin

Requirements for this excellent little feat consist of a pair of scissors, a borrowed bill, and a bit of timed misdirection.

The scissors are upon a table at your right where it will be necessary to reach for them. Fold the bill in half lengthwise, and then quarterly the same way. Hold the bill upright and show, keeping it crosswise of the fingers. Now bring the top portion downward into an apparent half fold, but place this end ONE HALF INCH SHORT of the end against the fingers.

While smoothing the top fold with right fingers, fold the elongated end against the shorter end with the little finger of left hand, and push bill upward so that this fold is between the thumb and first finger. Show, and reach for the scissors.

As you turn for them to your right, place the left second finger underneath the doubled fold, and pushing it outward, pivot the single fold downward and towards the thumb crotch, inverting the bill secretly as far as the audience is concerned.

Show the scissors. Open them and place the lower blade between the fold and the bill proper. Close the scissors slowly, but Just as the upper blade reaches the fold raise the scissors, and the fold, closing the blades Just as they separate from the end of the bill.

To the onlookers you have borrowed a bill, folded it twice into a lengthy strip, openly doubled the strip into half, and cut it in two at the fold. While laying scissors aside, push the SHORT end of bill even with the oppo-^ site end. Fan ends apart and show it 2C apparently severed. Crumple bill a bit * ^ into closed hand. Grasp an end and slowly draw it out restored, opening bill out flatly for display and return.

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