Double Discard

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In with a bunch of Jewish boys. As for the Chinese being good gamblers, this Is the bunk. Good losers, yes. Good gamblers, no. But they laugh with a win and lose with a smile. Bear in mind, I speak only of my own encounters with Chinese gamblers. I have found that unless they are fairly certain of having the edge, they'll fold on the second or third raise.

And now for a little dodge used in poker that isn't generally known. To the player who has the Intestinal fortitude to use it, it is worth a lot of money. It is called "the double discard". If Erdnase knew about it, he forgot to include it in The Expert at the Card Table. I have never seen it In print and you are the first I have ever mentioned it to since It was given to me some years ago by an old professional gambler who retired with enough cabbage to buy a young hotel.

Here are the mechanics, which, like all good things, are as simple as A.B.C. All that is required is keen perception and plenty nerve. The right play is one or two seats to the left of the dealer.

Pick up your hand and let us suppose that you hold a pair of nines. Discard three cards INCLUDING the pair of nines, dropping them a little In front of you. Call for three cards, pick them up and glance at them immediately for another nine spot. If there Is another nine in this draw, retain It with another card, Immediately throw away three cards and pick up your first discard which contains your first pair of nines, making three nines that you are now holding.

There are numerous possibilities on the hands that you oan make with this double discard. With these extra cards you have quite an advantage, with the chances very strong in your favor of bettering the hand In some manner.

To appreciate the many different combinations possible with this deceit, I would suggest that it be practiced well in private before venturing the play in company.

Yours sincerely,

Yours sincerely,

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Prom here on the working of the trick is extremely simple. The magazine is slightly behind something on your table, or the match box is at one side a bit where it is very unlikely that the bit of preparation will be noticed.

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