hen Tom Sellers published a trick oalled -It's Only Chance" In his booklet "Novel Necromancy'' (1935), little did he realize ho┬╗ many varied methods of producing the effect would appear during the next four years. I haven't kept track but there must be at least a dozen method of producing the effect of having spectators freely seleot a flock of envelopes and leave the performer holding the bank, i.e., the one containing the dollar bill.

My contribution to the group of such effects follows. It can be performed at any time (provided you have the money, of course) and at any place. No books, trays, special knives, or stooges are required.

On each of three pay envelopes Is painted a numeral. The envelopes are numbered "1", "2", and "3". These numbers should be quite large and bold, black showcard paint being used. A glanoe at the accompanying oil painting will give you an idea as to how they look.

My business card is printed on playing card stock (blanks) and I fold one of these twice. This is Inserted into one of the envelopes and sealed. The same is done with the other two envelopes. The folded cards expand and make a definite bulge in the envelope, it being obvious that something is inside.

It is now necessary to secure a ten dollar bill for one of that de nomination is much more effective than a "one Fold the bill (Tommy Mar Tin would use a century note. I think that is a

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