Del Cartier

is any one that happens to be on the bottom of the deck. Its position number is the total of the four date figures, i.e., 1914 — 15. The prophecy reads, "The 15th card will be ------."

A half-dollar is borrowed and switched for the one you have which is put onto the table. It is easily done by having the known coin in left hand. Take borrowed coin with right, pretend to place in left, and then reach into pocket with right hand and take out the deck, leaving coin behind.

Dovetail shuffle deck several times keeping the bottom card and top four in place. Have spectator cut deck in two. Ask him, "Which shall we use?" if he picks the top pile he gets it. If he points to the bottom half you pick it up. Ask him to deal his pile into four face down heaps a card at a . time. Idly shuffle your \ heap during this and set \ the bottom card at 15th \ from the top. When his piles are turned face up the arranged cards show and give the date correctly. He adds the figures and counts in the packet you have laid down by now. The prophecy is read. A non-sleight variation is to say, after the deck is cut and spectator has his packet, "We'd better remove the Joker. Do you have it?" Each of you run over your packets face up and this allows you to simply count and cut the bottom card to its desired position. Then immediately place your packet face down over the coin and don't touch it again. Even if you've known and done the date and card idea, see how effective is this new setup.

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