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T ate again. Or didn't yoy notice? Our «tiff JU was depleted by 50i during the month when brother Leland decided that matrimonial duties must come before magic paper distribution. The loss Is somewhat offset by the fast that X tun now being called "uncle," but after three and a half years of paying no attention to the business end ef Jlnxi.au*, I find myself appreciating very very much the work he did for me.

What becaipe of that meritorious effort on the part of the S.A.M. to pontaot all publishers and editors on the subjeot of expose material? The Jinx was read before the society. The members liked it. Julian Proskauer thought well enough of the plan to mention it in press notices as a worth while effort to curtail expos lng. Well know nespaper men and editors were on the committee to handle the strategy. Nothing happened. It couldn't be money for the S.A.M. has puhlenty laying idle. Por a few hundreds of dollars an acknowledged system is null and void. Or did someone somewhere put their foot down?

"PIC" for September 20th ran two pages of stuff by Russell Swann, the mysterious sliced banana, egg in bottle, and how to tear a deok. Hot withstanding possible pro and con, the payoff line was, "Mr. Swann says that these trloks are simple, not new,.BUT ALWAYS MYSTIFYING. The second mentioned may be left out. Nothing is a trick or mystifying whloh must dlsolose itself in the working. Then it's a puzzle. That is our contention as to what is a trick or what is not. It could very well define the much argued word, exposing. But still magicians (?) get up at meetings and yell, "What is exposing?" *L00K" for October 11th depleted and revealed the basket and sword box trlek. The face of the sword wellder is unknown to us at the moment. At the last S.A.M. meeting, a well known professional argued against any aotion being taken against Dubois in the radio broadcast expose hearing. He doesn't use any of the material exposed. But this professional has made good use of the sword box in night clubs for several years. Is this case different?

Two deaths during the last month hit us a bit hard. Tomny Downs passed on to Join the masters and somewhere at this writing perhaps Kellar, Thurston and Houdlnl are making a foursome and discussing the greatest seoret of all-one no one yet has been able to expose. The other hit closer to home. Ted Arnold left very suddenly and if it's at all possible is sitting with John Northern Hllliard in a remote ooraer of some heavenly eating-place, talking about their mutual love - angle. Knowing Tea was to know an enthusiast if over one lived. For six years he was a stimulation to me when X became bored and disgusted. He tried all lines of mystery , taking up eaoh phase separately and draining the oup before avidly shying away to another when his Interest waned. X saw him last in Cincinnati in Juno. We got our usual round of laughs and enjoyment out of the art. I'm that much happier for it. Other magailnss will give you dates and plaees pertaining to his departure. Suoh things mean little to me. X simply know he's gone.

Dorothy Wolff is baok at the Sjfclnx desk. That makes us 3000 alias wrong in our remark a couple of months ago. Wo always do things in a big way. — Robert (Rajah) Rhinehart, magic editor of Variety, is wearing a Vandyke now, refusing to give a practical reason. — Clayton Rawson1■ book, Death From a Top Hat, has been bought for screening by MOM. Watch for it. —A snloker from out of the past. Rummaging «round a Feb. 1929 issue of the Sphinx «am« to light, From Dr. Wilson's editorial:- "a well meaning friend duplicated addresses of more than 100 subscribers.■ John Mulholland, the well meaning friend, had an article in the same issue. entitled, ftMisdireotion." — Dal (Harlequin) Vernon developed a very pretty and clean out routine with 4 linking rings for his act. Xt is different and doesn't bor*. A1 Baker overheard one magloal watcher remark, "Huh, X do it with 81" — Not content with "Tips on Thumbs," Stuart Robson has on the press a 20 triok booklet "Tips on Flash Paper." — A resort hotel in the Adirondaoks during the sunaar put In an order with a Broadwy agency to send up a six-piece band whose members could lend a hand at housework and bed-making I What would some magics i an s have to do? Go back to their plumbing?

New prospective members:- In even the most important conferences with his army and navy leaders, Emperor Hlrohito of Japan takes no part in the discussion himself - his person is regarded too sacred for suoh mundane things. The Emperor's divine well is always expressed through three princes WHO INTERPRET THE THOUGHTS of His Sacred Majesty's mind. --- We should have mentioned it before but that baok cover of the I. B.M. convention program was ingenlus. An insurance company advertised by reproducing the #25,000 check paid Mrs. Houdlnl after Harry's death. There were plenty magical wives who saw that I — New York has a downtown bistro where you can get a reading from the beer rings left In the glass. The beer seer should tie up with a brewery who could advertise, "Our beer leaves more rings for bigger and'better readings."

I'll return one issue of The Jinx for every news clip or mention of the bullet catching trick as done at the Piff-Paff-Poof convention in Fort Erie, Canada on Labor Day. So far I have 190 suoh items as carried by the UP and AP across the country, but send them on with date line if possible.

If the magical conventions would study press relationship like Bob Weill does for the Poofers, magioal NEWS rather than exposes would really help to popularise the profession instead of making it appear to too many like a box of simple tricks anyone can do.

Can you Imagine yourself being able to leave the room to return later on an perform any test decided upon by your guests without the aid of a confederate; tests such as naming seleoted cards, the total of a set of figures and other data, finding hidden objects, etc.? Or be able to have your medium, while stationed in a distant room, accurately write regarding events which are transpiring in your presenoe, without the use of any oode? Xt may sound like a Persian pipe dream or a marihuana melee, but Mr. J.O.Thompson, Jr., has forwarded data regarding a new oommerolal device whloh seems to have unlimited possibilities. The Zenith Radio dealer« have what is termed a "radio nurse." This out-(continued on page 346)

THE JINX is a monthly symposium iof mystery published by Theo.Annemann' Waverly.N.Y. ,U.S.A. 26 oents the copy,; issues for #1. COPYRIGHT 1938. n"-

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