Pass out the keys and have a spectator find the only one that will open the lock. The other look (spectators only know about one) is in your Inside coat pocket along with the envelopes. The key that fits this look is up your right coat sleeve.

At this point have the spectator mix the keys in a borrowed hat. You have taken the lock from him with left hand while he does this, and as he shakes you reach into pock, et and get the envelopes. You switch the look for the other, and left hand comes out with the envelopes. Don<t hurry this move, or try to be clever about It. All eyes are on the mixing of the keys, and you only have to do it naturally. No one ever dreams of an exchanged lock, all action being with the keys and envelopes. Hand speotator the envelopes, and then step back and fasten the lock in the other person's buttonhole. At this point let the key in right sleeve drop into hand.

Tell spectator with envelopes that you want him to seal the keys one at a time. What you really do, suiting your actions to your directions, is reach into the hat and produce the palmed key, place this key into the top envelope which oontains the bead, and seal it. YOU HAVE PERFORMED THE TRICK RIGHT UNOER THEIR VERY EXES. All that need be done now is have speotator mix the envelopes after sealing the remainder himself. You then find the envelope with the bead and the rest is up to your showmanship. The trick's greatest feature is that you apparently never handle the keys or envelopes, everything being left to the speotator.

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