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'Sim Sala Bim,1 Amazing Amusing Magicjftow

' which he explains is Danish He might well subtitle it

Dante Makes 'Em Disappear In B'way Bow

"8iw Sala Bta," program of magie and illusions presented by Dmnte at The Monaco Theatre, Sept. *, 1940.


___ {Reprinted from yeetardar's lata edltteol.

Dante, Danish-American magician who was associated with the late Howard Thurston for 10 years, brought back magic on a big scale to Broadway last evening. Dante calls his show "Sim Sala Bim," >>• •">'«'«» ¡a Danish for "A Thousand Thanks." 'Free Beer and Fun."

One of Dante's best tricks la to put together a barrel before your eyes. The ends are fashioned of wrapping paper. Then he inserts a spigot through the paper and beer enough to fill several dozen glasses, a few steins and a pitcher spouts forth. The beer is pasaed out to the customers. "On the cuff."

Dante offer* some 50 mysteries in all. They range from making roses sprout on a roaeless bush to having a pretty girl float Into the air and disappear. The leading beauty with the Dante troupe Is Moi Yo Miller. Hollywood will be puttifig her in a movie about magic if she doesn't watch out. Her associate "mystery girls'1 are "lookers," too.

During the evening, Dante used a number of "stpoges." One volunteer wss Milton Berle, no mean hand at "color changes" and "double lifts" himself. Milton proved an A-l "stoogeroo," giving one of his best comedy performances. Other celebs have promised to follow Milton at subsequent performances.

Dante has a nice personality and mixes an entertaining line of chatter with his Illusions. The result is an amilslng as well as an amazing evening. Our neighbors had a good time and remained after the final curtain's fall to give Dante and his orb-popping assistants a rousing welcome.

Dante and "Sim Sala Bim" will be at the Morosco Theatre for two weeks, but the engagement may be extended if public demand warrants it Shows will be given every night of the week, including Sunday, and Wednesday and Saturday matinees have been scheduled.

By KOBEKT SYLVESTER. (SUprimiei /rem festerdsy's late editions; Now how do you suppose he dk that one where the girl fadea from one television set to the other?

Where did all those colored h a ndkerehiefs, ducks, chickens, pigs and eggs come from? And didn't Mil. ton Berle look Billy up there trying to tie a mag ieian hands so ha eouldn't get loose?

Well, tha whole thing was doubtless a fake but at least Broadway now haa ita first authen-


Danta tic marie ahow since the late How-I lllurston set up his wires, gadgeta, gimmicks and lacquered*

cabineta almost fifteen years ago. This new marie show is wanded over by a sflver-haired, bearded and witty oldster named Dante, who followed the late Horace Golden and other American magia to Europe years ago and didn't come home again until Europe got too


"Sim Sala Bim," according to Dante, the Magician, means a thousand thanks to you. When audiences applaud his illusions,

By Wllello Waldorf he steps majestically to the footlights, with a wicked twinkle in his eye.

Forecasts and

Postscripts and makes mystical, moonlike gesture with his hands.

1 n d I c a t tag a thousand thanks. When they applaud a little louder, he lifts his arms a little higher, Indicating two thousand. When they raise the root his hands meet above his head.

Like most revues, "Sim Sala Bim," which opened last night at the Morosco, is divided Into two parts, and Dante himself la the star of all fifty or more numbers. The strain of such a performance must be worse thsn acting "Hamlet" unabridged, with "Cyrano de Bergerac" tossed in as a curtain-raiser, but Dante himself stands up to It Well, looking quite a lot like Uncle Sam and Mephis-(opheles railed into one, dressed In faultless evening clothes. In the finale he actually impersonate« Uncle Sam in full regalia, |n a valiantly patriotic number followed by "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Dante goes in for full-stage effects involving mysterious cabinets, vanishing females, rope tricks and Oriental illusions and thinks nothing of suddenly filling tha stage with farmyard fowls, plus two squealing pigs, all out of nowhere. Probably the most Incredible feat of an fTPQTi^g evening was the sudden appearance of the beauteous Miss Moi-Yo Miller of Australia in a locked box above the heads of the audience, when she had just been locked up in another quite different box on the stage.

Three members of the company went up into the stratosphere In a balloon, which, in turn, went up in smoke, and In ten seconds flat, all three of the balloonlsts came running down the aisles from the rear of the house. Dante is something of a wag, and he deliberately set traps for the skeptical gallery-ltes whs thought they smelled a mouae in one of the folding cabinets. But not even a mouse was there, and a lady should have been.

A backatage scene with the magician performing back to the audience was a novelfy, and so was a riotous rehearsal number with everybody turning: up in all the wrong places. The big supernatural illusion, plus the business of getting in and out of a coat with wrists tied behind his back was witnessed by a number of volunteer visitors from the audience, among them an Adonis in grey flannels who . ■ i;ed faintly like Milton Berk and turned out, on Investigation, to be Miiton Berle, resplendent in his new nose. Mr. Berle said he was positively not a stooge, but decided to go up on the spur of the moment. He and one of Morris Gest's midgets from the World's Fair had quite a time trying to find a flaw in the cabinet.

Altogether, "Sim Sala Bim" provides one of the merriest entertainments Broadway has boasted in some time, and We hasten to urge anybody who enjoys expert magic to rush up to the Morosco without a moment's delay. Dante is not only an amazing magician, but a very amusing gentleman as well. No wonder he has been a riot in Rangoon, Caracas, Singapore j and Hong Kong for the past | fourteen years. i

New York Times Sept. 15, 1940

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