^^ rom his own deck a spectator hands the per* former the four aces. No other preparation or arrangement is necessary to start the trick.

The deck's donor mixes the aces, selects, notes, and returns one, again mixing the group. The performer studies them and correctly names the ace chosen. That's the beginning. Now the performer makes a prediction after which the spectator has his free choice of one of the other aces. He gets the ace predicted! Again the effect is accomplished without skill or preparation, using any cards just as received.It is the cleanliness of the methods used which allow this interlude to take its place among excellent feats of card magic.

Three of the aces have reversible pips at the center of their faces; the remaining Ace of Diamonds looks the same whether upside down or not. When the spectator first runs through his deck and hands you the aces note the relative positions of the three which are reversible: they either all go the same way, or one of them is turned against the other two. In this latter (continued on page 712)

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