Correcting A Mistake

Taken from Hatt and Plate's "Magician's Tricks and How They Are Done", this idea has been given an original method to eliminate the undesirable sleights. It is a fast and surprising introduction for a four-ace trick. In effect it is an unexpected transformation of cards.

To prepare, place three kings face up on top of the deck. Next put an indifferent card face up on top of these and cover all with a face down king. On top, lastly place the four aces, all face down.

Start by dealing the four aces into a face up row on the table. State that three of the aces will be eliminated. Have three selected, one at a time. Pick these discarded aces up, singly, placing them face up on top of the deck.

Then apparently turn the three aces face down, but actually a eight card lift and turnover is made. The left little finger has been holding a five card break during the time while you explained about the aces to the onlookers and started to have discards chosen. The turnover is deliberate as most people are wondering what is going to happen with the ace left on the table.

The aces turned over on deck, deal three cards face down into a face down row a bit aside (apparently the aces). They actually are three kings. Take the selected Ace, show it and place it face down on top of the pack, saying that you are going to cause it to reverse itself. 'Slowly cut the pack once and snap it. Spread the pack across table, but, instead of the Ace being face up, a king is seen face up. Explain that this sometimes happens and that there seems to be but one way out. You cause the other three aces to change to kings, turning them over as you say this, and ask the watchers to please forget about your making such a mistake.

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