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Ted Annemann Is gone — Bat he'll never be forgotten by all who knew him as a friend, and by the thousands of magicians who in future years will come to admire him through his writings.

Gone Is the guiding spirit of THE JINX never to return — for Ted passed from this earthly sphere on the evening of January 12, 1942 In New York. He has played his part on this stage of life and his show Is over. The final curtain has been rung down, too early It seems, on one who has crowded so many brilliant successes Into the short span of 35 years.

His passing leaves a void no one can fill — for Ted was a unique personality, a remarkable performer and a brilliant creator of mental effects, his chosen field. He had a faculty for dramatizing the simplest of tricks and making them over into perfect masterpieces. His flair for showmanship found expression in his countless creations and in his own presentation. It was this guiding force which lead him to feature the dangerous "Bullet Catching Trick" In his repertoire.

Ted was born in Waverly, New York, and early in life turned his unusual talents to conjuring. He found in Magic his greatest happiness and through Magic gave happiness to all. His ability to simplify the working of a trick enhanced its effect a hundredfold. At heart he was perfectionist. He discarded sleights and applied psychology and misdirection to turn out effects that were so indelibly Annemann that all other tricks of a similar nature suffered by comparison. His early writings appeared in Dr. Wilson's "Sphinx" — then in his many books — and finally culminated in this "JINX". Here he offered the finest collection of practical tricks ever to be published. He made the JINX the meeting place of the magic fraternity, offering thru its pages, to all who sought It, the benefits of his long experience. To that end he gave unselfishly of his time, his ideas, his pen. His Imprint on Magic is permanent. Ted will always be with the writings he left beh ind I

The empty void between pages 830 and 879 represents space alloted to a special Issue which Mr.Annemann was unable to publish.


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