ditor's note: I like this effect very much because it is clean and direct in action. However, one point that I don't agree upon with Mr. Bush 13 navlng the spectator take the lemon from his pocket and cut it open himself. It would be better to show the hands convincingly empty and tnen have the lemon tossed up and the performer cuts it open and takes out the bill. Handing It to the owner the perforsner has this person read the serial number and the person who wrote It down verifies it. Then the owner fits tne torn corner and acknowledges that. Having the spectator find the bill when performer n=s never been close Is Just too divine, and ahyone with as much as one brain will be suspicious and be sure that it can't be the same bill.

or a vanish I might suggest a method I sold several years ago in connection with a cigarette trick. An envelope with slit in back is used. About three quarters of an Inch is torn from the end of a bill. Then this piece is pasted along the inside edge of envelope on the flap side so It appears to be a bill inside with part snowing. The flap Is turned down and envelope put in inside pocket, fthen ready to get rid of bill is held In right fingers folded up a numoer of times and left hand brings out envelope with fingers on back and thumb on flap side. Right fingers lift back flap and Insert bill behind the piece showing and at this moment performer turns slightly to the right so that the piece can be seen. The fingers have pushed the bill throush the slit into the left fingers benind and this hand goes to pocket for a match. Left hand lights match and sets fire to bottom of envelope wnile rignt holds it at top with flap still open and the decoy showing. Just before the flame gets too near for comfort the flap is turned down and the envelope dropped onto a dish. The per former'8 hands are unmistakably empty and the illusion created Is perfect although at no time" is the bill seen to be burning. Now the lemon is tossed up and cut open, i-ersonally, I think this version by Or. Bush will be found hard to better.

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