Color Rouble

In this effect the head of a borrowed paper match is caused to change color. The trick is impromptu and can be done anytime, anywhere.

Begin the trick with a blue headed paper match concealed in the right hand, held between the thumb and forefinger as shown in the first drawing. Ask someone for a paper match with a red head. Hold the red headed match upright in the fingers of the left hand.

Explain that you intend to pull off the head of the match. Qrasp the head tightly between the thumb and finger of right hand and pull upward letting the fingers slip from the match as though the head would not come off. Co this several times. On the third or fourth time, leave the blue headed match (note that it is held upside down) in the left hand and oarry away the red headed match. Because the blue matoh is upside down It looks to the audience as if you had actually pulled off the head. Now pause and pretend to explain the trick. Tell them that what you actually did was this. Under cover of the right hand you quickly turned the red match upside down so that Instead of seeing a decapitated match, they only see the bottom of it.

Open the left hand and show the match freely, remarking that one part of the trick you never eould quite understand was the curious change of color of the match head. Hand it back to the person from whom you originally borrowed it.

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