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T>his little routine is based on an effect * originated by Sid Lorraine, I believe, and later improved by Theo. Annemann. I have elaborated the effect and have applied some different methods.

Three playing cards, a black jack, a black king, and a red queen, are handed a spectator. He mixes them well and then holds them in front of him fan-wise with the backs facing you. Tip to now you have stood ten or fifteen feet in front of him. Walk towards him, look into his eyes, and say, "I am going to guess which is the queen." Exactly in front of the person yon reach up, hesitate, and then grab a card out as if impulsively — it IS the card.

Ifow this is accomplished easily with a oneway deck. With a queen turhed, its back design facing opposite from the two other cards, its position in the fan is readily noted.

The second effect? Put the queen back into the fan, first turning it so that all three cards face (by their back designs) the same way. Again they are mixed and handed to you behind your back. "That first try may have been luck." you say, "so I'm going to try it again, this way." You bring forth a card. It is the queen.

Quite logically this second test has one of two solutions, touch or substitution. In this case we use the former. The back of the queen is marked by & drop or two smear on its back with "rubber cement". Art stores supply this very cheaply and a drop of the liquid is smeared by rubbing a paper napkinr in a circular movement. When dry the center of the card has a thin, transparent rubber coating. It will not adhere to the other cards, and cannot be seen upon casual inspection; but it can be felt, and rubbed entirely off by the ball of thumb or forefinger. Thusly you "feel" the cards behind your back, rub off entirely the "clue" and bring that card forth.

The third and final effect starts with the giving of three (borrowed, if wished) letter envelopes to the spectator who seals one of the cards in each. The envelopes are well mixed so that the spectator himself does not know which is which. One at a time you take them and hold above the head. Even though out of your sight while within that of your ob-servors you manage to hand one out and declare it to be the queen. Upon the envelope being opened, your guess (?) "hits" for the third time in a row.

This really is a "play-back" upon the first test. As each envelope was sealed yon took it and gave the man an empty one. When you took the qneen envelope you turned it so that its flap faced opposite from the other (two) flaps. The three envelopes are flaps down when handed out for a shuffle so this discrepancy is not noticed. The difference of one flap being at the opposite side from the others is felt without trouble above the head.

At the disclosure of this finding of the queen it might be well to say, "I had better stop now before I make a mistake."

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