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A number of coins are collected in a borrowed hat which the wizard places on table crown down. Announcing the date of a coin, the performer puts his hand into the hat, and brings forth a coin which he Immediately passes for inspection. It bears the date he named! He repeats with the others. One advantage of this method is that no extra coin is used, and another is the fact that the spectators may note the dates on their own oolns before dropping them into the hat. Thus each may claim his ooin immediately its date is read.

It is requisite that the wizard perform some feat requiring the loan of a half-dollar at some time earlier In his program or routine. Pretending to give it back, he must substitute a halfdollar of his own, prepared by rubbing it previously (on either side or in the milling) with a pleoe of soap. By not allowing too much soap to collect on the ooin, its presence never will be suspected. In borrowing a number of coins for the experiment to be explained, the magician must make certain that this prepared coin is included among those collected in the hat. The first date he names is that borne by the prepared coin I

Reaching Into the hat on table behind his back, the wizard will find It very easy to distinguish the soaped coin from the others. It has a soft or greasy feel that cannot be mistaken from the others when one is looking for it. Securing it, the conjuror at the same time picks up another of the coins between the first and second fingertips, and by bending the fingers inward, lodges it In the crotch of the thumb. It is easy to tell where on the half-dollar coin the date is, by sense of touch alone. On the older coins, the starts on the "tails" side have a feel possessed toy no other portion of the ooln's surface. On the newer ones, the waist of the figure on that side Is a good distinguishing sign.

At any rate, the coin is lodged date side up in thumb crotch, so that in bringing hand forward, the conjuror, apparently having but one coin between thumb and index finger tips, really has one concealed in thumb crotch, and can glanoe down and read date. The prepared coin Is given to owner (?) and magician reaches into bat for another. This time the one just glimpsed is named and a third coin concealed In thumb crotch to be read as hand is held forward. In a similar manner each date is read to and Including the last.

The Jinx is an independent monthly for magicians published by Theo. Annemann of Waverly, N.y., U.S.A. It can be obtained direct or through any magical depot for 25 cents a copy, and by subscrip-. tion is $1 for 5 Issues postpaid A to any address in the world. j I

Patce 213

hand of five cards a Strang« story and oocurenoe takes place at any time or plaoe, and with any deck of cards.

As yon unfold the story of "Wild Bill" Hiok-ook and his untimely end, you tell of the five cards he was holding whsn shot. Us In* any deck, you run through them, face up, and while talking find and throw out face up the Aoe of Clubs, Ace of Diamonds, Eight of Hearts, Bight of Spades, and the Queen of Hearts, these cards have since been known as the "dead man's hand" you explain, and somewhere, in another world, "Wild Bill" 1s undoubtedly interested In the group of five up» on whloh he had his mind centered when shot. It can be the only explanation for the experiments to whloh you shall put them.

A nearby speotator la asked to piek up the cards and mix them faoe down. He then seleots any one at random, looks at it, and drops It on deck whleb you out to lose card. The remaining four are not shown, but dropped on top, and the paok again mixed.

How you reoall the nickname of the cards, and deal four oards from top of deck in a face down row from left to right, spelling a letter with •aoh oard — DEAD. On top of these four you deal four more, spelling — MAIS. Pour more are dealt, spelling -Hill). Wow you apparently call Bill Into your presence by spelling four more —WILD, and still another four — BILL. Xou have thusly dealt out fire rows of four oards each, the rows being dealt on top of •aoh other «uooesslvely.

At this time you state that Bill>s Interest In the cards invariably results In the location of the one removed by the speotator, for after all, when Bill was shot, he was contemplating on what oard he would discard for the draw, fhe speotator names the oard he selected from the five. You turn over the next oard on deok. IT IS CORRECTI

Continuing, you gather together the deck and give it bit of mixing. You state that the seoond strange coincidence is truly that. The "dead man's hand" only appears by chance once in millions of times. And when it does, strangely enough, It falls to a person whose back, at the time, Is towards a doorI Very deliberately you now deal out five hands of poker to as many persons sitting around, one of them, of course, having his back towards a door, or as close to such a position as it is possible to obtain*

Everyone present invariably remarks about this, and the tension can always be noticed. You look at this person seriously, say that he has his back towards a door and that there's one chance in millions that history will repeat. Ask him to pick up and look at his oards, imagining himself to be "Wild Bill" Hlckock for the moment. He picks up the hand, looks at it, and at that moment A SHARP CRACK. OP A PISTOL BREAKS THE SILENCE!

And if you, dear reader, don't think that the onlookers will Jump, and the man holding the oards bounce more than all others, it's just because you haven't tried the stunt, or seen somebody else do it!

The secret working is an Ingenious non-sleight method that practloally works Itself. Take a deok In hand and follow through. It will work the first time for you.

Torn the deck face up and start naming It through to find the five cards. Count the first sixteen oards from faoe of deek, end held a sort of break at that spot while you continue through deek, throwing out any of the five cards as you come to them. If any are missing* go back and find them among the first sixteen, adding enough more cards to make up for any re» mowed. Turn deok fttee down keeping the break with left little finger.

The spectator takes the fixe oards, mixes th— faoe down and seleots one. At this point you undercut off the sixteen earda below the break, have him drop the card on top of deek, and you drop the group on top* On top of these have him put the remaining four faee don earda. You can now give the deok a dovetail shuffle leaving the top 21 oards undisturbed, and finish with a false out if you wish.

Deal out a faee down row of four oards and spell DEAD. Then a second row on top spelling HAWS. With the third row spell HAND. With «he fourth spell WILD. And lastly spell BILL, that deals off 20 cards. Patter along as heretofore given, and when the selected oard is named, throw the next oard on deek down faoe up. Wow plok up the four heaps, one on top of the other In any order and drop them on top of deek. Put the-faoe up seleoted card on top, AID THE EBOX IS STACKED AUTOMATICALLY FOB THE POKXK I

Left as It Is, the "dead man's hand" will be dealt to the first man of the five whs are dealt oards. Xou have had ample time to note whloh five you will deal to, among those who are near, and whloh one of the five has his back towards. Thus you can put on top of the assembled deok enough oards from one to four to bring the hand to the seoond, third, fourth or fifth person as you will. Outside of that it is entirely a build-up of tension through seriousness.

The gun shot? Just one of many possible gimmicks. All magical novelty shops earry cap shooting appliances for Jokes and Jokers. lhey have been built in olgarette packages, decks of playing earda, etc., any of whloh yon can put down near you before starting the routine, and merely piek up at the right moment.

Suggested though is one of two appllanoM that will serve continually and anywhere.One Is a small tin box about lxl& lnohes and quite flat. It is loaded with a oap and plaeed tinder any object. When the objeot is lifted, the explosion ooours. In this routine, oarry the box set to go, with a rubber band around it. Just before you start, slip It under your foot or the leg of a card table if you work on one. lhe other glmmlok is a very small pistol worn as a oham and which sells for about SO cents. It uses small blanks, is less than 3/4th of an inch long, and will make a noise louder than the one that got Bill down.

This tiny gadget oan be carried loaded with the hammer down, and Just before starting you can cook it. At the finish of the deal, while you are still talking, and all eyes are on the fated spectator who has the hand, you have only to toy with it and pull the trigger on tine.

As has been said before, this is one of the most original tricks to make an appearance in many a moon. It hasn't failed yet to go over with terrific effect as long as the performer takes the whole thing seriously and presents it as a strange thing. And people being superstitious as thqy are helps one on to success.

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