Closkd Door Production

There doesn't need to be a long description of this production door. The drawings of the simple and non-mechanical apparatus should make it more clear than words.

On a three inch base is built a frame in which swings a door. A knob catch is released and the door swung open towards the audience. In the door has been cut a three inch hole. Covering this hole Is a piece of tisgue paper.

It all appears very fair and vacant. The door Is closed, tissue window broken through, and out come myriads of silks or oth-wlse compressible material. At any time, the door may be opened and closed.

As can be seen, the door itself is built on the principle of the Phantom Tube. The edge of the door as seen by the audience when it opens up is quite narrow, too narrow, in fact, for any such amount of silk produced to be hidden.

^^^ Two squares of contrasting tissue are used r^N to cover the openings. One on the front and

I 11 the other on the Inside of the back. They are V tj both broken at once and the material produced from the inside of door. Loading is done from hinged side of door. Not shown are small tacks by which a heavy string is laced back and forth down this side to hold in place the material loaded. The uprights at each side of door are in. deep, the thickness being the same as the door's loading side width. The knob side catches at center of Its column's width. Inside of framework Is painted dull black. It is excellent for a quick production of the silks to be used for the 20th Century or Sympathetic Silks effect. Page 394

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