Chas T Jordan

For an old trick, this has seen but very little usage, and in this day and age, when publicity is freely given to those who apparently can see through all sorts of blindfolds, etc., it should be an excellent impromptu test. Argam-asilla, the Spanish nobleman who confounded N.Y. critics for a short time with his reputed ability to 3ee through metals, could have used this stunt to good advantage for press interviews.

Two parties note the date on their own halfdollar and place the date sides of the two coins face to face. The performer takes them in that condition In extreme left finger tips, rubs them with right palm, and then takes them with right finger tips and rubs them with left palm. Again taking them in left fingertips they are passed back to owners, still with date sides face to face. Everything seems absolutely fair, yet the performer is now able to correctly name the date on each of the borrowed coins.

Though simple, the effect is exceedingly impressive. It all lies in a subtle exchange and re-exchange of one coin. Have In the right palm, date side out from palm, an extra half dollar. Take the two borrowed coins by their edges in left thumb and fingertips which are bunched in a circle about the coins. Right hand, in stroking upper coin, silently leaves the extra coin on top of it, and at same instant left fingers allow the borrowed coin on bottom to fall into left palm, date side up, where it Can easily be read. Nothing seems changed, as two coins are at fingertips, upper one date side down. Right hand rubs them, and then takes them from above by fingertips, exactly as left hand held them. Turning right hand over, date of former upper borrowed coin is exposed. Left hand in rubbing them leaves borrowed coin on top, date side down, and performer's coin falls into right palm. Left hand again takes the coins and returns them to company in same position as when received. Right hand pockets of the extra coin as performer reveals the two hidden dates to best advantage.

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