Charlton Andrews

When the light Is on again,they are told that he, the performer, found out the thoughts of the card and then the numeral, but also, through a secret handed down among the clan from the legacy of Cagllostro,has caused a strange transposition. The spectator takes the pile of envelopes, looking for the one bearing the chosen numeral. This is opened, and INSIDE IS FOUND THE NOTED AND MARKED CARD!

If all secrets in magic were as straightforward and simple as with this effect, life for a mystic would be simplified. Each playing card is treated with a dot of luminous palht at about the center of both er^ds on the face side. There is a duplicate set of 14 envelopes, unsealed, and these are numbered like the 14 seen by the audience. Seven are In one pocket and seven in another, and in rotation so any numbered envelope may be secured quickly. Put envelopes and cards on a table with a lamp if possible and put out all other lights. When the cards are cut, the light strikes the paint and livens it up. The topmost cut is title autographed card, the lower is the numeral. In the dark fan the deck face towards you. Transfer the first luminous card (numeral) to face of deck; the next one (marked) to the back or top. When light 1b put on to apparently break train of thought, you pick up and square deck and envelopes as you explain thla, noting the numeral card. With lights out again remove the properly numbered envelope from pocket and in it seal top (marked) card from deck.Count down In envelope pile and remove the right one(they are in order), putting yours in its place. The light is turned on, and the effect is best to save most of your talk for the periods when light is out. It makes the interval, short as it is, seem much shorter.

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