Charge Magically Denied

Verdict Finding Society's Head Not Guilty Appears From Just Nowhere

No more mystery ever surrounded a Houdini masterpiece than cloaked the meeting: of the parent assembly i of the Society of American Magi-clan» at the McAlpin last night. ' Most of the mystery, however, wu "official." Everybody involved ; in the case of the California Mem-i bership vs. Julien J. Proskauer, assembly president, accused of the unpardonable sin of telling how tricks are done—was officially aa mum as John Mulholland after he makes a bird cage disappear.

But privately—and it was not un-illuminating to observe the extremes to which some of those concerned went to make their "priv-opinions known—most of the ate"

interested parties placed themselves squarely on the record before the meeting even starter.

Mr. Proskauer, neatly groomed and suave as usual, arrived at about 7:59. He greeted questioners effusively with "I have absolutely nothing: to say," and when that almost bowled over those who have sought news from the magicians' president before, he led the way to a corridor where two gentlemen, whom ha Introduced as Edward Dart, secretary of the local group, and Theodore Hardeen, brother of Houdini, were chatting.

Statement Magically Appear*

Mr. Proskauer then vanished like his colleague's bird cage. Messrs. Dart and Hardeen went into a aeries of friendly but steadfast, "There is nothing to say" and headed for the meeting themselves. But somehow, In the brief time between the introduction and the farewells, a page and a half of single-spaced typewriting got itself into the hands of the press.

"Moving swiftly to dispose of charges that Julian J. Proskauer. president of the parent assembly of the Society of American MagicianB," it said, "exposed magical secrets, the society last night found their leader 'not guilty' of charges brought by Barkann Rosinoff of assembly No. 22 of the society."

The statement said a lotmore. A quick count indicated It contained Mr. Proskauer's name ten times, and there was also a quote attributed to Mr. Hardeen to the effect that "I nominated Proskauer to the national presidency and I am with him now as I was then." Further, it revsaled that "one bombshell exploded at the meeting"—which had not yet actually started—was a telegram from William Taylor, president of the Southern California local, on whose behalf Mr. Rosinoff was supposed to have brought the charges. The wire denied that any charges had been made, expressed surprise, etc., etc.

The final pre-meeting words came from national secretary Richard DuBois, who said nothing had happened, and nothing would; and from a man astonishingly resembling Mr. Hardeen, who pointed cryptically to th« pocket into which the all-telling statement had disappeared and whispered: "You've got the whole story in there—but forget where you got it."

Unanimously Exonerated

The doors closed at about 8 4«. Within fifteen minutes a ripple of appla us® filtered out of the corridor. Within three minutes Mr. DuBois and s. L. Quimby, assembly vice president, emerged importantly. In & minut. the former was dictating:

"The executive committee considered th. charges lodged against Illustrious President Proskauer. They found them to be largely the result of misunderstanding, consequent upon the distance between the parent assembly In' New York and the assemblies throughout the country, reaching the Pacific Coast. President Proskauer was unanimously exonerated and at the parent assembly meeting was given a rising"-

"A unanimous," amended Mr. Quimby.

"—a unanimous rising vote of confidence."

That seemed to settle it, and It developed that the executive committee had met earlier In the day. The assembly had the technical right to differ with its findings but chose not to exercise it.

The two spokesmen conferred privately, then added a joint bit: "At the program of magic following the meeting, Illustrious President Proskauer and Compeer Rosinoff joined in presenting an unusual effect—"

Then they ran. Aa laat query as to why the hurry brought only the reply: "Now we've got to see that they do it."

Winding up the year we should bow low to Th® Mysterious Dr. Ross, who is nearing the end of his second YEAR in the Rockerfeller Rainbow Room. Dr. Ross, who graces a table only on request, ana generally after the waiter has presented him with the customary §5 bill in an envelope (it wouldn't be quite kosher for the Dr. to ask for remuneration so his stooges suggest it), presents an array of close-uppers. A spread of cards is made to turn over while a selected pasteboard "rides the wave." A spelling trick follows, and recentl?/ he has been usinc: a "controlled coincidence" idea from Farelli and Or-ville Meyer "a la Jinx", after a four card location to take in all at the table, Dr. Ross rhows a few mechanical puzzles of the "snap

Page back" and "ring on coil" type, and follows into coin effects such as the "coin in hank", the "Hang Ping Chlen" classic, and the "Card and Coin" photo trick. Off and on he uses the well known but little used "Cap and Pence" and the "Deck That Cuts It3elf." His cutest payoff is a production of a fresh flower for each lady at the table. In his short floor presentation, Dr. Ross cuts up a spectator's necktie, and the subtle part (?) is that the stooge happens (?) to be carrying the shears I However, two years at the class N.Y. spot where they mean it when they give you the check, means that The Mysterious Dr. Ross either ha3 something on the ball — or something on the boss.

Fred Rothenberg's Gold Bug effect is quite a masterpiece of thought and ingenuity. I first saw it at his recent "circus" party (the whole apartment was decorated and lithographed, the only thing missing being sawdust) where, after a mention of Poe's nightmare, a golden spider slowly lowered itself to the deck and carrying a genuinely shuffled up card from the middle of the pack, it's a sweet looking trick.

It seems as if all magic publications now carry mention of Extra Sensory Perception, due to the Rhine build up of telepathic possibilities. Two and a half years ago (Jinx No. 10) we published an effect under that very title, when Rhine first got well under way at Duke University. We didn't use the Rhine symbol cards because of possible duplication so made up 30 different picture cards. Two well knowns are, and have been, using this one man version steadily in their acts (one is a stage mentalist). Two and a half years is rather a record scoop. No?

Incidental dept: Rajah Ra"boid closed at the Ambassador (N.Y.) Trianon Room and took a S.S. Munargo cruise during the lay off. We're wondering how that blindfold knife throwing will work out on that deck platform if the sea is a bit angry or just swelly. --- Orville keyer recently won $5 from Genii for a trick "The

Finders" which he had in Jinx No. ¿1 --- One of the better knowns wanted to do the Galli-Galli chicken effects because everybody else seemed to be doing it. He auditioned at a N.Y. swanky-swanky place, and the chicks started jumping or falling off the table. Result - no job. Albenice, a coming up manipulator is at the place (St. Morltz) now and, according to the manager, quite the rage. --- The Tablets of

Osiris, the Baltimore club's official blaster, has turned out its hundredth consecutive issue. For almost nine years it has been stamping on magical lice. --- Which reminds up that Percy

Abbott's Tops is celebrating the end of two years and is 3till a lusty infant. --- But

India's only magical paper (in English) is folding up because of lack of subscribers. I've always thought this the most unique of them all, but in the main, I guess American magi just couldn't warm up to it.

Henry R. iivans, that able historian of all things magical, pens, "I admire the two black cats at the head of your paper. I have always had an admiration for the feline species, not only for their beauty and grace, but for their almost clairvoyant powers. Of all the animals the cat is the most "psychic", and in the ancient days in Egypt they were revered as sacred. The goddess Bast had the head of a cat."

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