Catches Bullet But Saysmr Again

(Continued ffom Second Front) street so all could see. Ed. Wolff, Rochester, took one of the cartridges and fifed at a plate set against a railway post about 50 paces away. The plate was smashed to pieces, and ail «he time, Anneman kept pacing up Jim! down nervously. his face twitching. Another cartridge was taken and witnesses scratched their initials both on the casing and on the lead slug. Wolff put it in. the rifle and Anneman walked down and .stood with bis back to the post Sweat streamed from hi« brow.

Staggers Back

Slowly he took a handkerchief from his pocket and crumpled it — in his hand. Anneman raised hand and the handkerchief felL Bang went the rifle, and Anneman staggered back, his face in agony. He reeled and fell stunned to the road, only to get up in a moment and spit out a scarred slug. "Look at it look at it," he almost screamed, his whole body shaking, "Is it the one, is it the one?" he asked. Police and other officials identified the slug Anneman had "caught" in his mouth, as the one fired from the rifle.

That's.the last time." Anneman muttered. "It gets harder every time I do it Perhaps I'm losing my nerve." At lunch a few hours before, be had been very nervous, doing a continuous stream of card tricks and smoking a lot He didn't eat all his food. -It isnt worth having this empty feeling In my stomach. Td give a lot not to have to do the stunt" he concided in The Star Knowing that to be successful. a performer must have faith In himself, friends tried to dissuade him.

It is the only trick never per-formad by Houdini," they said. "He was going to do it ooct and then at the last minute made an elephant disappear instead." But Anneman insisted in going on with the trick.

12 men have been kin~l tr «-• to do the bullet catching trick. It it


Feat Earns a Blow on Ear

Russell Swann, Lookout House Magician, Gets First Lesson in Legerdemain From Liepsig

VJANY, many years ago Russell Swann sat in a gallery seat of a Washington, D. C.» theater and watched the magician, Nate Liepsig, per-

Llepsig baffled everyone except Master Swann, who left the theater confident that legerdemain was a matter of deep faith. One had but to think rabbit and rabbit it was.

Turning on the faith full steam-ahead, swann made hi« initial experiment on his

Sunday cap. The contents of two fresh eggs were deposited therein, then, presto I chrfngeo! a box on the ears!'

The result rather surprised Master Swann« w^o was not mn that his parent« had walked In on the rehearsal,

Swann subsequently aban- Russell Swann. doned faith and dabbled with various techniques of sleight-of-hand on a purely materialistic tosls.

Sink mr Swim It was not until three years sgo, however, that Swann was faced with the necessity of making his avocation pay.

Freshly fired from a brokers' office in New York and 'hard put to And congenial employment. Swann decided to brush up on hi« magic and haunt the booking offices lor an engagement. The haunting went «a several week« before he was given employment in a nightclub.

Now he's at the Lookout House In the double-barreled cap»a«*, of master of ceremonies and ma|Jtfan.

For nightclub work Swintt And* that his tricks must be simple his monologue as amusing as pas-5 sible. The feats must be of a type which are easily grasped and effective whether his sudience give tt Its full attenttoh or not._

Best Are A mates n

The best magicians, according to Bwann, are not paid for it.

•"Hiey're the amateurs," he said. "You find them, dozens of them. In every city you visu; doctors, lawyers and business men. They develop trick« and try them out on one another. If it baffles their fellow amateurs it «an baffle anyone."

Swann advises that we watch out for LePaul. who, he claims, is the most expert of modern magicians. Le Paul is the first to do card manipulations with both hands. Car-dinl, greatest of thé -card manipulators, operates on only one hand) —M. S,

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