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iouis capiaux

Always tnere seems to be a good reception for "sucker" tricks, and in the following, one can always be sure of getting a "rise" from his onlookers.

The performer has a decs of cards snuffled and one selected by tne spectator who marks it. The card is replaced among tne others ana the perrormer openly wraps the deck in a handkerchief. During this action, it is evident to the watchers that underhanded business is afoot, for they see the performer's cramped right hand and even catch a glimpse, perhaps between the fingers, of a palpied card.

The performer suddenly realises that he is being sus— picioned so hands the wrapped deck to someone close by. He may (or should?) look properly em-barassed for a second, then say, "I hope you don't think I'm cheating - or trying to deceive you."

The audience is skeptical — or the performer rightly accepts it so — and the performer looks at his cramped hand together with a shake of the head and then at the audience with a hurt look. "It just isn't so. I'll prove it. '.«hat was the card you picked and marked, sir? The original spectator names it.

The performer shows Mb palmed card. It isn't the card just named.'.' "You see?" he says, "I wasn't trying to fool you. This card just happened to stick to my hand. I only tried to hide it for your sake."

"But," the performer continues, "it's a poor magician who can't do a trick at any given moment when things go ascrew." He takes out his breast pocket handkerchief and places the shown card beneath. A nearby spectator takes hold of a hanging corner, and with a slap of his right hand the magus causes the card to vanish from beneath the folds.

"I've just passed that card from under one cloth to another," he says. "Will you," addressing he who holds the hanked deck, "look over the deck you've been holding so securely and see if the ----- (naming the card just seen and vanished) ----- is there?"


"That's a mere detail in applied magic.' says the wonder worker, "and because I've been doubted I must try to vindicate myself in truly a convincing way. May I ask again, sir, the name of the card you first drew from the pack and initialed?" It is named.

"And you, sir, will you look over the cards and remove that important piece of pasteboard?" IT IS NOT THERE

"I didn't think it would be," says the magician, "for when you unjustly suspected me of trickery I merely snapped my fingers very silently and caused the card to come to me. Look."

The performer now either produces the marked card from his pocket, or produces a wallet from which the card is taken. This last is the well known appliance as sold by dealers.

It has been a long (as written) effect but it gets a relatively short explanation. The requisites are - a pocket' hank with a match in its border; an ordinary handkerchief; an extra card of any back design to match yours or a borrowed deck; the "card from wallet" trick, in readiness, or, not this if you merely desire to produce the marked card from a pocket.

The faked hank is kept in your breast pocket. The ordinary hank is on the table with your cards. The extra card is in your right trousers pocket. If you use the wallet finish - have it set as per instructions.

Have a card chosen and marked. It is returned to deck and you bring it to the top. Palm it off and reach into the right trousers pocket for a rubber band (we forgot this bit of apparatus and procedure), leaving the palmed card UNDER the extra card. Bring out band and secure deck. Pick up hank and wrap deck within, holding the four corners iii left hand, finally, so that deck is in a sort of bag. During this gesture let right hand go to pocket and secure the extra card. Hand comes up against the sacked deck, twists it tightly, and lets the palmed card become evident. Wrapped deck is given out and the palmed card shown. It is vanished by putting it unaer prepared hank and palming to pocket as other hand holds the match stick under cloth. Spectator takes a corner ana performer lets Bo with a flip ana then retrieves hank. The vanished card is then found in deck. The markea card is looked for and found gone. The performer then rinds it in his pocket or pocKetDook. It's one of those ratner simply ac-cumplisned effects whicn packs a lot of wallop as far as your audience is concerned.

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