Caro In Front Of Each Clip

The packets are put into their clips. To 1-dentify the supposed red heap, the magician holds the packet face towards spectators and removes the top card which he sets so the back is seen. He puts the lengthwise band on the heap and sets the heap face front in the clip. Thus he has a blue-backed heap designated by a red backed card! He does the same with the other packet, so he has a red backed heap designated by a blue backed card!

The magician takes both heaps, holding the faces toward the audience. He taps them and throws them in the air together. This prevents anyone from noting which is which. The packets are caught and recognized by their backs. Each is replaced In its proper clip. But the performer has actually exchanged the heaps 1

The trick is done. It 3lmply remains to give the red heap to the man who took the red card; the blue heap to the chooser of the blue card. Each person finds a stranger in his packet - a card with the back of the opposite color. Each card proves to be the card selected by the opposite party.

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