Card Voice Joannemann

The mystic shuffles a deck and asks three of his audience to step forward. They stand to the left of the performer's table, facing the audience, and in line. The deck is spread in a fan face down across the table. The man on the far end is requested to come over, take any card he may wish, and put it in his right Side coat pocket. He is told not to look at it, because, as the performer then tells his audience, this will not be a cms of mindreading, but an experiment of new relations between animate and inanimate things.

When the selector retakes his place, the performer scoops up and again shuffles the pack, spreading it once more for a like picking by the middle person. After another shuffle and spread the person nearest the performer repeats the process.

"No one living as we live could know the identity of those cards you have pocketed," says the performer. "And I am not pretending that I must go into another world of those who have passed away to get the information which will now come to me."

"It all is accomplished by the cards themselves and I'm lucky enough to have discovered their language," he continues. "In a small town everyone knows almost everything about everyone else. There is always one person who has little to do except keep watch of neighbors. This applies to a pack af cards because they live so close together. You are skeptical?

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