Card On The Wing

This is a complete variation, but using the same faked card described above. Set up deck so that the faked King of Spades will be 10 or 15 cards from the bottom, making sure there are no other picture cards below this faked card. Place the real King of Spades in your pocket.

False shuffle and cut, but retain the bottom stock of cards. The cards are now held facing the spectator, and the cards riffled before his eyes. He Is asked to remember the first picture card that he sees, which, of course, will be the faked King of Spades. The performer now cuts and shuffles the deck. Turning the deck end for end It is handed to spectator with the request that he fan through deck and remove the noted card. He cannot find It I Then he names it and the performer takes it from his pocket.


Years ago I learned to do the magnetic effect with two toothpicks, but only lately did I apply it to the location of a card, and find the result a quite perfect Impromptu table trick. You'd better carry a few toothpicks of your own, though, for the best places rarely have them.

Put a toothpick on the table pointing directly at you. Now put another on top of the first, at right angles, and balanced so that it doesn't touch the table at either end. Stick your right index finger out straight, and rub it against your head for a second. Hold it an Inch or so from the near side of the right end of balanced match. At the same time, open your lljps just a thin trifle, and breath steadily and quietly. The balanced match will swing towards your finger as though it were a magnet. Practice this a few times until you get the swing of it. You'll find that very little breath is needed for the working. Now take two toothpicks from a little box of cotton and put into position. And make the toothpick swing, when you pass the selected and shuffled card over it. Watch the customers examine the toothpicks, which you then carefully put back in their box.


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