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The following effect together with the method for its performance have been found very acceptable over a period of years of professional engagements. In my card work I have always tried to think of the showmanship before the method,for it is what an audience thinks it is seeing that Is more important,to be true,than what actually takes place to make the effect possible. Most difficult sleights can almost always be oircumvented by the use of a subterfuge. Behind-the-scenes trickery of this sort is decidedly permlssable because the magician la supposed to be a wonder-worker or he would not he engaged in the first plaoe.

I have had the experience of all professionals, that of many magicians constantly seeking one out to tell how this and that 1-dea oould be lmproved.almost all of such "lnrorovements" being one thought of on the spur of a moment without considering that a working professional often works hard over a single line of talk or gesture in his act for twenty or more performances. It is all nice to receive generously given advice but too often the donors get angry when It Isn't acted upon, at least not right away without hesitation*

At sometime during your act, whether entirely with oards or varied objects, two cards are chosen by as many members of the audience. At this time the performer hands the remainder of the oaok to each, in turn, and has this person shuffle his card thoroughly among the others.

It Is now very important to impress, by the aotlons, that nothing of a "tricky" nature takes plaoe. Take the deok between thumb and one finger. Keep it high in view as you step back to your table and show a long strip of paper the width of which is inches - the length of a card. It Is preferable to use a strip of newspaper and into this is wrapped the deck as received, by rolling it over and over so that the paper completely encircles the oards several times. The ends are left open. A rubber band Is snapped around the deok to hold the paper.

■•it happens in the air!" you say, as you toss the deck to the first person. He tosses It to the seoond person. The second person tosses it haok to you. Holding the wrapped packed flatwise to the audience you ask for the first card to be named. Deliberately you dig and tear Into the covering, having removed the rubber hand. The hack of a card shows and you pick it out,turn it over, and toss to the owner. It is hisI Hext you turn the deck over and call for the seoond card. The newsprint Is torn off to reveal ¿he selected card staring outward! It Is removed and tossed out.

All of this has been strictly display and very little else. Still, I have found it good enough to keep as a routine trlok. The paper strip is about sixteen inches long. Prom one end figure about four Inches where you make a double pocket of newspaper, open at both ends (oontinued on page 651)

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