Bruce Elliott

tator re-envelopes her and seals the flap. Then he is told to put the other ladies into the remaining envelopes, sealing them also. Lastly, the seven rooms are to he well mixed.

The performer never looks at them now but takes them behind his back and pretends to be Bluebeard. One by one he tosses six envelopes over his shoulder to the floor. The one left is given the breathless savior of his favorite female. He gives the name of his choice and opens the .envelope. Happiness.'

The stunt may get as fantastic as desired, but its dress makes it a somewhat different effect to carry around in that upper left vest pocket.

After mounting and cutting the heads, their separate names are letter on the back. The seven names are, Lois, Julia, Martha, Lucille, Theodora, Jeannette, Svangeline. Each name, it will be noticed, has one more letter than the one before it.

Take seven drug envelopes. Into each one drop the smallest size embroidery bead you can get. Keep the packet together with the heads and you are set.

Show the heads, and as you call their names, pick them up in the order given, put them into envelopes and pile them up. Pick up the pile and turn it over. As you talk carelessly cut three from bottom to top and with the right forefinger and thumb in the right near corner put a nice nail nick.

'.Vith the envelopes arranged thus, any one of the names will automatically spell out when an envelope is moved from top to bottom with each letter. The last letter hits the correct head. The first spectator replaces his head into its envelope-, you put it on the stack, and in passing to the second person cut the pile a few times and bring the nicked envelope back to the top. The second name now spells out.

How take the bunch and remove the heads. It is well to remember that during all of this the single bead is in each envelope. The spectators do not have much opportunity for handling them carelessly, and you, of course, never allow an envelope to be upside down when the flap is open. The third spectator thinks of a lady to save. You spread the envelopes out and have him point to any one freely. Pick it up, pinching its sides and turn your back. Hold your hand with envelope behind your back towards spectator, asking him to pick up his chosen lady. Tell him to take the envelope from you and seal her up. Like the old lock puzzle trick, this action has served to naturally turn the envelope upside down without making a visible move of doing so. The bead has left.

7/ith the other heads sealed in the remaining envelopes, it is clear that the chosen head is inside the only envelope without a head. While the bead principle has been used before it has been necessary to fumble and load in a head, not the easiest thing in the world to control. In this instance, it is the missing bead that gives the clue.

Behind his back, when holding the mixed packet and facing the audience, it is simply a case of feeling each envelope's corners at the base, tossing aside those containing beads. The empty one remains until last and then it is given the lucky (?) man who first names the lady to live and then opens the envelope to find her safe. And there is nothing wrong for him to find.

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