Brain Wave Deck

Bight years ago, In 1930, I evolved what was a new effect In subtle eardology. A mentally chosen card was to automatically turn over in the deck! There could be no sleight or fumble of a known nature, and the card must be an absolute free choice from among the 52.

Hie method, with which I had good success in deceiving not a few of the experts,was baaed on a principle of preparing cards on their surfaoe so that when a pair of these treated sides did cons into contact they would adhere enough to prevent separation when the deck was fanned.

Only a slight amount of pressure was necessary to separate two such cards. I used beeswax rubbed on the cards to make a very thin coating. However, the magical dealers now supply a fluid for preparing such cards,It being quite satisfactory.

My first objective was made possible by preparing the backs of all cards in a deck. Then 26 were plaoed back to baok against the other 26. Any arrangement may be fixed up Just as long as you oan look at the faoe of any oard and iaanediately know the Identity of the oard adhering to its baok.The deok thus bo-oame a two faoed one of 26 pairs. Returned to its case, the deok is ready for use. Remember whloh side of the deok is which.

The oased deok was shown and the spectator told, "X am going to make you think of one of

the 52 cards. To prove I am right I have turned that particular oard over In the deck. Just think for a moment or so and then name a oard that comes Into your mind." When the mentally seleoted card is named,you knew immediately if that oard was up or down as the deok was in oase on table. The deck was then removed with the named oard faoe down. The spectators saw only a face up deck taken out. Fanning the cards carelessly, you would watch for the card at the back of whioh was the chosen card.

At this point a little pressure separated the two, and the back of a oard seen among faces. Hie spectator would remove this reversed oard and find It actually to be his as thought of.

Two years later, In 1932, In Colorado, that prince of good magic and good fellowship, Paul Fox, told me of a variation.

Oct two decks of cards, having rod and blue becks. In making this up, two oomplete sets can be made at one time leaving no waste. Remove all the red oards from deok of blue backed cards, and all blacks from deok of red baoked oards. Lay in a faoe up row from RIOHT TO LEFT the Aoe to King of Hearts followed by the Aoe to King of Diamonds* a row of 26 oarda. Under this row lay out faoe up the Aoe to Xing of Spades followed by the Aoe to King of Clubs, reading from LEFT TO RIOHT. Now prepare the FACES of all oards.

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