Have the decjc cut into two piles. Force the larger pile on someone, and fan it for the selection of a card. A few cards of the opposite color will be either on top or bottom, so keep these few oards closed and fan the packet at the other end. The card is replaced in the smaller pile. Naturally it will be the only card in the pile of odd color. Have the pile shuffled and call upon someone to assist you who appears likely to have a sense of humor.

Build up the climax with a talk on telepathy and then fan the cards so that only the spectator can see the faces. He will spot the off color card immediately. Wink at him if you get the chance, but he should catch on anyway if you phrase your directions carefully.

Have the card placed face down on table and named before you turn it over. Unless you plan to repeat the trick (and it will easily bear a repetition) shuffle cards immediately to destroy the set up.

(Note by Annemann — An easy false shuffle for a half and half set up like this one is a simple over hand shuffle and run of a few cards. Just start a fair over hand shuffle. As you near the center of deck, start running cards singly. Only eight or nine of these are necessary and then fairly over hand shuffle off the rest. This reverses the position of the red and black packets each time it is done, but that doesn't matter. Just pass center of deck with a run of single cards, and fairly shuffle at start and finish.

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