Everybody likes a surprise finish, and this effect has all of that combined with originality, to the point action, and definite value as a club program item.

Picking up a single slate the miracle worker writes on it, in chalk letters,"THE NAME OP THE CARD IS." This message fills the slate and it is laid aside for a minute. From a deck of cards, the performer has one selected, remarking that through some unknown phantom friend he will learn the identity of what card has been chosen from the pack. Friend phantom invariably obliges by writing the name of the card following what he put on _________________

the slate in the beginning. The selected card is kept by the person in audience, and performer picks the slate up with writing towards audience. IT'S EXACTLY THE SAMEI

The performer looks surprised, remarking on the fact that It is the first time the message hasn't been completed correctly. Then, rs an afterthought, he realises that there isn't enough room left on the 3late for more writing. He erases the words he wrote on the slate, but strangely some of the letters stay in view and spell the name of a card! Ten of Hearta! Spectator reveals his chosen pasteboard, and it IS the Ten of Hearts.

First, write on the slate, with chalk, the words, "THE NAME OF THE CARD IS,"as in the illustration. Then erase the various letters so the slate looks like the second one in the illustration. Erase enough of the letter "D" so it is changed to a "T. With white paint, you now go over the letters spelling Ten of Hearts and let dry. Now chalk in the missing letters and put the addition to the "T" 30 the message appears as shown on the first slate.

Over this message, half chalk and the other half paint, put the flap. Have slate on table and a deck of cards at hand with the ten spot ready to force. Also have a cloth for erasing the writing.

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