A CARti IN TRANSIT.' (Lea Gilbert)

mis is an exceptionally clean method for having a ohosen and marked oard vanish from the deok and then removed from the performer's pocket by the spectator himself. The fact tnat it is marked and seen In the pack at the very last minute makes It confusing to say the least.

It won't be necessary to detail the effect eo we •hall explain the method anl the reader oan follow It with cards in hand.

i'nere le one sligntly faked card and the accompanying Illustration explains or shows tne difference between tne pips at eltaer end. Ihe oard, it will be seen, can be eltaer the Jack of Clubs or tne Jaok of spade*. »e will assume that you have taken the Jack of Clubs and with black ink of good quality have Bade the Club plpa at one end over Into Spade*. Now find the genuine Jaek of spade* In the deok. ¿Ut thee* two cards on the bottom wit a tne genuine cafrd on bottom and the faked card next with the Club end outward. Have a pencil in your upper left vest pocket and the preparation is oomplete.

Hand the spectator an indifferent card such as the Joker to use as an indicator with which to select a oard. Riffle shuffle deck leaving the two bottom cards in place and then undercut about twenty cards and place on top with tne left little finger keeping a break at right rear corner.

Have spectator push his card into the deck at the squared front end and see that it goes tsiLOYi the upper portion. Hold deck face down flatwise wltn floor when this is done. Have the card thrust lnsldewise and now raise deck so it is facing the spectator. Right thumb lifts upper portion at tne break and pushes this pile up about an inch oenind the protruding indicator card.

Then right fingers in front and tnumb behind of this indicator and packet pull them entirely free from leok, the indicator card coming against the face of tne packet and the force is perfect and clean. Tne spectat


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