Once in a while u sort of mad idea com^- to everyone, and this especially is so with that order of humans called magicians. With thflt sentence as an excuse for what is to follow i offer something in the way of a reutine. None of the triclca therein ore new, but, to some extent they are not what one might call "well known."

Credit cannot be given to several for they have been "kicked" around for many years. I hope that will be a "faoe saver" for credit not being given any -- it doesn't seem right somehow to differentiate — but if we are wrong we'll be only too glad to make amends. Die faot that never before have the separate Items been assembled into a routine makes for novelty, even if some brethren (are you there, Mr. Craggs?) acouse us in print of purveying refurbished secrets.

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All of this is party stuff — you have to have your audience within "throwing" distance. And you have to have also a nice little 2x4 foot oriental looking "prayer" rug". See how the effect sounds and we'll tell you the rest of the requisites.

Explaining that a 3tudy of the east, and a thorough training in the methods U3ed by those adepts to transcend all mundane happenings, have enabled you to emulate the fakirs who Infest the curbstones of Bombay, you reverently place your "prayer" rug at an advantagous spot before the assembled guests and in front of it put an array of "tools of trade" to be described hereafter.

On your knees, on the rug, of course, you say that a true belief in the teachings of they who accepted you as a believer has made you Immune to pain at will. After all, you make clear, pain is but a sensation controlled entirely by the mind, exactly the same as pleasant feelings are told you by the sources that send out signals from the brain.

You mutter to yoursolf between these statements and get Into a mood that would make any psychiatric expert fawn upon you as a perfeot

You repeat, "No pain « no pain — no pain." Even to the uniniatiated it is evident that you are hypnotising yourself into a state of insensibility -- to pain.

You oall for a lighted cigarette. A puff or two to make a brightly glowing end --- and you openly and deliberately rub it to the exting-uisked point on your outstuok tongue. Then throw the butt away with a sneer Tan oriental

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