Many ways have been figured and produced for this effeot of a selected card being found In a rubber banded pocketbook, each getting more complicated than the others, and generally losing sight of the very important fact that you can't waste any time in opening up the pocket-book or metal plates without hurting the effeot. It just doesn't do, as far as professional work around the olubs Is concerned.

After all, the only thing remembered by the onlookers is the fact that the card travels into the wallet from the deok. No one ever is deceived into thinking that it Is anything but alelght-of-hand, so the only thing left is to do It fast and clean, getting it over as directly as possible.

liay excuse for putting this on paper is that I've used it steadily, and there is no preparation or setting of things. Just the wallet in pocket. It has always been used as an incidental In a routine of table and oloae-up card effeots, it will be just as startling to the people who don't know it (moreso because of the speed), and a puzzler to those who do know it beoause of the extra encircling of pocketbook with the rubber band.

In a pocket easily accessible to the band with which you do your palming, put a regular three fold wallet, inside of which is a two of spades or clubs, and around whloh la a rubber band running both ways. With a pin or knife point, put a nice rough scratch aorosa one of the pips on oard. It will look like an accidental dig.

In the deok you use, find the duplicate of this oard and mark It in the same way. Now go ahead with your tricks. When ready, foroe the oard and ask selector to look at it. Have it returned, you shuffling and bringing It to the top of the deok. How look at apectator and ask him to name the oard. And as you finish asking that, and he starts to answer, you palm off the oard, reaoh Into pocket, leave oard behind, and come out with the pocketbook which you toss to the table as he names card. Hand him the deok which he looks through, saying card is not there. Then very openly open the pocketbook after removing the band, and reveal the oard inside.


Without it ever being mentioned, the spectator will remember the dig mark, you fool a magician because, although he may know you palm a oard away, he thinks you put it in the pocket-book, but gives you credit for something new beoause the band goes around pocketbook both ways. And the person who doesn't know the trick la just as muoh fooled aa he would be with any other way. Why work hard when it isn't neoesaaryf


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