*®mf v/hich to start a fire. I'm sorry things have gone wrong. I can finish now only the way she'11 let me."

The spectator with the envelope opens the first and identifies his signature on the second. And across the face of this envelope is scrawled in large crayon figures the page number 54. Underneath is childishly attempted the name TITUBA. "You see?" says the performer, "One never knows for sure what will happen. Maybe she think6 she knows enough about the alphabet and wants me to teach her arithmetic."

The envelope is opened and the inside one removed. Y/hen this is opened THERE IS FOUND INSIDE THE MISSING TORN OUT PAGE and the performer finishes wryly, "Well, if a word could have been selected on ^^^ the p. Tituba certainly made sure would be found in the en-

jage, that it velope."

It's a long "/ay from Bombay, India to Salem, Mass.,U.S.A. but that's where the basic idea for this effect started.Then,' from Prof. Mino, The Mystic we jump to 1907 and an ageless bit of ingenuity by Henry Harden. The envelope subterfuge is clouded but A1 Eaker is our bet.Y/e like to think the book selection is our own idea of underhandedness but there again one runs into too many close variations to argue. V/e can, however admit to putting (turn to page 465)

Page 463

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