sneer? Ed.) into some far corner of your host's room. Now repeat, "No pain -- no pain."

Pick up the nice big sewing needle and the pair of pliers or pincers. Clamp the needle at the eye end in the pliers and proceed to push the point of the steel through the flesh of your left arm. It goes in and comes out an inch away. Mutter, "Ho pain." And you can recite any German, Spanish or French you know, too. Leave the needle there for the time being.

Reach out and pick up the pepper shaker you have borrowed from the kitchen. There's nothing faked about it. Shake out plenty of the stuff onto your left palm — you can't get too much. Then with another muttered, "No pain," you put out your tongue and actually lick up every grain possible, smack your lips, and swallow it all.

Look down at your arm. The needle still goe3 in and comes out. You jiggle it a bit and say, nNo pain — and I mean no painl" And at that moment you let your right hand drop and go directly into an open and set muskrat trap v/hich responds beautifully with a terrific snap and takes you to task.

That's your climax. You arise and cry "No pain," just once more, and stalk out of the room without further ado.

Now we can get down to a Calcutta curb and talk about the "inside." There is nothing faked except you. As you have read, the apparatus needed consists of; a "prayer rug, a needle, pliers, shaker of pepper (red or black), and a muskrat (or often called "skunk trap") meanie.

Just before you make your entrance you do a nice job of taking a mouthful of olive oil or any of the substitutes (Mazola, in the States, but we don't know its equivalent in foreign countries). Any of the heavy salad oils will do, though. You Swash around that stuff in your mouth and let go of the rest. The coating is all you need.

The cigarette bit will work on your tongue just as It is when you read this -- it takes only that first bit of nerve to try. Cigarettes, we say, not cigars. For some reason or other you can wipe the burning cigarette across your tongue, even when wiped dry,and extinguish it without any detrimental results.

Now the needle. Hold It in the pliers in your right hand. Turn your left arm upward to show the white and soft part. Have someone pull up and hold between their thumbs and fingers of both hands a bit of that flesh that's loose and responsive to such an action. It's through this you push the needle. Hurt? For the first time you do it, perhaps. You'll always get a prick on the first push but it means nothing from then on. The needle goes through, the man lets go, and everybody (including you) sees the needle coming out an inch away from where it enters. It's Just the way the skin spreads out. And when you pull out the needle afterwards there won't be any blood. The skin just closes up because it has been stretched at the start.

The pepper? You remember the olive oil coating? You've only been muttering to keep from washing that coating away. Go ahead and lap up the pper, red or black. The oil neutralises it and you don't know but what you are eating awfully small pieces of caviar.

The trap? That's another laugh. Just put your hand into it. They are made without teeth. You stick your closed fingers directly into the jaws of that thing exactly at the center of where they'll come together at the top. You get a sharp knuckle rap, naturally, and you'd better keep any ring off that hand, but that la all it amounts to. What isn't known to many except trappers is that such traps are made to catch and hold — not catch and break. It's too easy for an animal to tear away if a trap breaks bones. And it won't break yours.

Now you can be a Hindu fakir. Selahl

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