An Original Faked Envelope


Faked envelopes all run along the same basic principles but I think that I have a new variation and also a very practical improvement on the old style. I've never considered such envelopes as sound magic when used to obviously change an article. We know they do, but if an audience sees the Four of Spades go in, and the Ace of Clubs come out, they at once consider the envelope as the medium of exchange and center their interest upon it. However, if a card is freely chosen and sealed without being shown, and later removed to be revealed as the correct pasteboard, there is no outward evidence of it as haviilg been changed. The same applies to something you may write and subsequently have read. This new envelope has three compartments. Two can be loaded at the start. Writing something on a slip of paper, it is sealed. Upon opening the envelope, a paper is dumped into the spectator's hand, not pulled out by the performer with fumbling, and it can be either the original or one of the other two.

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Have three letter envelopes before you and a small pair of scissors of the one sharp point type. Envelope No. 1 is left alone. Trim the sides top and bottom of envelopes 2 and 3 keeping only the address sides. Lay these two inserts in front of you and follow. Library paste is applied as shown in the sketches. The shaded sections have paste, while the dotted section on No. 2 indicates paste on the under side. This pasted surface in each case should only be a quarter-Inch wide and a quarter-inch from the upper corners. I find it best to lay a ruler down and apply paste then to the edge revealed which gives you a uniform and clean piece of work. Ho. 3 goes on to No. 2 and these are inserted into No. 1. The whole thing goes under good weight to dry. As you look at the sketches, the two loaded papers go into the back and middle compartments. Put them between the papers and into envelopes as you assemble.

Study this for a minute and you'll see what we have made. Now insert a paper or card into the envelope as you would normally. Seal. Now open envelope by trimming an eighth of an inch from the left end. Pinch envelope at top and bottom as you always do and blow a little to open it. Only the rear compartment oan open, and the contents dumped out. If you trim at the other end, only the center compartment can open. If you want the original paper, stick the point of scissors under flap and rip open the top. In every case nothing can come out except what you want, and there can be no fumbling. Just do it naturally and the envelope does the reat. Thie



Mystic Program Features Hospital Guild Benefit Midnight Show


A brilliant and elaborate program of illusion« and magic in ten acts was presented by Dr. Oordon C. Peck or Glens Palls and six assistants last night at a midnight show In the 1 Rlalto theatre. The stage periorm-: aoce and the screen presentation, "The Bride of Frankenstein". were i given as a benefit for the Glens Palls

I Hospital Guild and attracted a large audience.

Classed as one of the foremost amateur magicians in the country, "Doc Peck" produced mysterious and puzzling phenomena with his usual inimitable ease and dexterity. Although he has given numerous presentation« in sleight of hand in this city and vicinity. Dr. Peck never before produced a compete show on so large a scale as last night's except in New York last February. The stage settings, costumes, lighting, and scenic arrangements were all appropriate to create the proper atmosphere.

One of the unusual acts was an original invention by Dr. Peck called the Phantom Lamp in which he demonstrated his theory .of mind over matter. A lighted lamp bulb was removed from a lamp and while remaining lit was suspended in air following wherever the conjurer willed. The authenticity of the bulb was proved by performance of the feat in the aisles of the theatre, with the audience allowed to examine It at close hand.

Another exhibit of enchantment as the blossoming of a rose bush. The roees were cut off and thrown into the audience. The act of the girl walking through a ribbon created considerable astonishment. This is a Blacks tone number.

The show was opened with the act in which two Geisha girls appear from nowhere, and continued with a thrilling demonstration of the invisible flight of a live pigeon. Amusing numbers were the Spirit Cabinet and the Ghost Handkerchief in which Dr. Peck produced an animated handkerchief which danced cm the floor following enchantment In the cabinet.

The Girl with the Pincushion Head Into .which numerous knives were stuck was another of the features. Just Another Little Doll House or Alice In Wonderland was a picturesque act during which colorful silk scarves knotted together in a lengthy series, a doll, Mike the educated rooeter, and a girl came out of a seemingly empty and minute doll's house.

Df. Peck concluded the performance with the Spook table which moved ahout suspended in air, with spirit contact established by the magician and six men who were called upon from the audience as volunteers.

Assisting Dr. Peek were Harftld Burton, Mrs. Reginald Hicks, Mrs. Betty Peck, U. P. Grant and Gyle Will sot, stage assistants, afed Ralph Guy, stage manager. Reggie Hicks and his musicians furnished music ■ In Introduction and during the act».

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